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Gamescom and Update 12: ZOS is at Gamescom, and the news regarding Update 12--otherwise known as the One Tamriel update--has been coming in quickly! Be sure to keep up and join in the discussion! So far, there's quite a bit to be excited about!

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A Kinlord’s Oghma: Wrothgar Sarin

As ye are true Children of the et'Ada, thou shalt honor us by honoring thy own lives. For in each of you is housed the Divine Spark, and thus the record of thy actions is a sacred duty. Keep, therefore, each and every one of you, an Oghma, an everscriven scroll which shall memorialize thy brief lives. Thus in at least this way shalt thy Spark be Immortal.

Letters to Valenwood Insignis is Birb

This Sundas, I did not attend the community day. I have been far too distracted to do much, admittedly. And most of my thoughts are indeed about you. I do miss you, you know this, but I am trying not to be saddened by the thought of not seeing you for a long while. I can’t let myself get so deep into my own mind.

Journal of the Wilting Flower Rune-Paws

The journal is an elabourately and lavishly illuminated grimoire of sorts; which has served as a textbook of research notes, spells, and a journal. Stuffed to the brim with mathematical equations, recipes, and rituals and diagrams, it takes you a mere minute to determine that this book belongs to a someone who studies the dead and undead...

From the Road Sai'gur at-Alaiwa

The dichotomy of rain has been over-abused by writers since, well, the beginning of writing itself. It might not be as fresh as say, breaking the fourth wall, but it still finds itself well used in today's literary environment. Rain will breath life into the ground, but can, upon the same note, be the most destructive force in nature.

Erlenstar EalaDu

Erlenstar entered the dark tunnel, the putrid odour of hot city waste hitting her sensitive senses, yet she had become used to the cloying air of the underworld and busied her way deeper. Eventually, the stench would grow weak, and any lingering offense become masked in the hazy smoke of incense and burning embers within the den.

The Adventues of Gaegron Snowmane: A Fury Unleashed Gaegron Snowmane

Darkness. The reverberating thump of a wavering heartbeat. Echoing screams of terror and joy, of fear and madmen who plunder by sword and fire. I could not pinpoint a thing. I was no one, nowhere, an empty shell of consciousness in a void of misdirected agony. I felt a pain I could not place, a sense of purpose I could not understand.

The Gold Coast Current Elfbreaker

“Sorry, no time to talk! I have to delivers these copies of the Gold Coast Current! Did you hear about that theatrical play opening in Kvatch? I thought they only liked brutes swinging swords! Here, read all about it!”

Multimedia Showcase

Brave Little Khajiit Maki

Lordess Simeria and Silius Kane Atrian Kane

Ninetales and Ethan GoldParadox