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Lantern Lighters RP Podcast Episode 2: Role-Play First Steps

Literary Corner

The Price of Family @RenRolhaki and Emmy

Yesterday evening was a night most notable. So notable in fact, that I’m choosing to recollect upon it. Never before have I had the need to recollect about a series of events, and in doing so, I violate one of my most important tenants. But I do so in my own recognition, not Master Taylor’s, not Father, not Mother, not any others. Just Halian.

Vale Valerane

I know that my mother named me. I know that my father was a Redguard sailor from a dry, hot place full of sand. I know that they both died when the ship we were on was attacked when I was a young child.

Magna Ge Sarin

On a grassy knoll somewhere high above the shattered entrance to the ancient underground city of Silorn, Sarinteal of Solstice cast a contemptuous eye over the Tharn loyalist centuria gathered beneath him.

Juking the Hunters

The hunters had found her. Although Shylis had been careful about not developing patterns and never worked in one place longer than two days her pursuers finally caught up to her, "Somehow."

A Deal with the Devil Theryl

Belmilia frowned and held up the rubbing of the inscription she was trying to translate. One of the glyphs was half-gone and another was marred by a crack that had taken off part of a stem. Wheat?

The Prayer for a Knight’s Sword @Ocekatahk

“Hearken we beseech Thee, Divine of the Eight, to our prayers, and deign to bless with the right hand of Thy Majesty this sword with which They servant desires to be girded, that it may be a defense of churches, widows, orphans…”

Multimedia Showcase

Ithmea al-Tavakhan GrumpyVivec

Hundorian, the Dirt Guardian Sings-In-Shade