It was mid morning, at least, the sun was working on its way to noon, the birds were singing the old lady was cooking something that smelled delicious, from what Keri could smell, it would be great, she knew there was a reason she kept the old lady around. She wasn't in her normal armor, today she wore a simple grey dress that enveloped her body, and despite the jokes the men made in the bars, showed she really did have breasts, even if they were smaller, and she was in fact a woman.

Keribdis pushed the door open and gave the old lady a wave. “Smells great, we’ll be gone for a while stay out of trouble.” She told the old lady before she slipped into the back room. “OI! BLACK!” She said in her usual goofy and slightly attention hogging tone. “We got a job, an escort mission, and its going to pay great. I could buy a horse and feed it for a year off this pay..” She said as she waved the paper in front of his face.

“Looky!” She said proud of herself.

Black growled and ripped the paper from her hands, he glared at her for a moment and rose, slowly, his side was still a tad sore from the events the previous days, but overall it was just reduced to some minor bruising and scar tissue now. He looked the paper over carefully before he nodded and held it out for her to take back. “Not bad… not great, but not bad.” Came his indifferent tone as he reached for his bow that hung over back the chair he had been seated upon and slung it over his shoulder.

“Lets get started then. We won’t get paid for just sitting around.”

Keri nodded as she made her way to her armor, pulling on her pants under her dress, not exactly the most lady like woman she pulled off her dress and pulled her shirt on with her back to him, quickly yanking it on over her head before she began to strap on her plated pieces. In short she was likely done in maybe five minutes.

“Alright.” She said as she picked a staff up on the way out and hooked her helm to her belt. “We’re supposed to meet the woman and her husband at the gate, they should already be in their carriage when we get there, along with their personal guards.. apparently he thought we’d be more of a deterrent than just his guards alone.” She shrugged her shoulders.

“Nobles, who knows.”

He shrugged in return and only turned to look at her as she started to speak. It was the indicator he waited for that she was ready to go and no longer fiddling with her garments despite his presence. “Nobles pay well. That’s all I need to know.” Black moved for the door and offered a nod to the older woman as he passed, only pausing to hold the front door long enough for Keri to walk through behind him.

“How many guards?” He asked with an arched brow. It was an attempt to formulate some sort of plan of action in his head in case trouble came. Which, if this noble was hiring them as extra protection… it just might.

“Don’t burn the house down.” She told the old lady as she followed him out, her staff tapping gently on the ground with each step she took. “Three.” Keri told him as she walked. “So there are five of us escorting them back, Apparently they had five coming down but two quit..and I can not really blame them this lady is pretty, but a serious bitch.” She told him honestly.

“From the small talk I had with her, she makes YOU seem personable.” The mage said as they walked along. “Still most we have to worry about is bandits.” She waved her hand from side to side. “And they can likely be pegged off before they get too close..if they even try with five of us..”

She shrugged again.

“Bandits rely on the element of surprise… so we have to always be prepared.” He offered her a sidelong glance, “Because you know as well as I do the private guards won’t.” A grunt escaped him as he stretched his torso a bit, feeling out how flexible he was in his current condition. “You and I will alternate shifts sleeping and let the others sleep. We can’t trust them.”

As he began walking in the direction of the meeting place, he continued to speak. “If two quit, that means there’s something going on. Could be the three that remained are in on something…” He shook his head and muttered to himself. “Always prepare for the worst…”

Keribdis nodded her head. “Agreed.” She said about his last statement. “I do not want to get too deep in to political matters, they do not concern me. But just in case we should listen to their small talk when we can, Might give us an idea as to the real reason the other two quit.” Keri told him as they walked along.

Soon they would reach the gate, and beside it would be the parked carriage. Two guards on either side and one in the front. The carriage was an expensive looking enclosed brown wooden creation. Two horses pulled it. She looked it over with a hmm. “Why is it always male guards..” The battle mage muttered in mild annoyance as she walked along.

As they reached the carriage she nodded at the guard in front, she’d met him in the city already. “We’re ready.” She told them.

Black simply looked about and analyzed what they would have for advantages… or disadvantages if the guards turned out to be dirty. The two on either side eyed him cautiously and seemed to dismiss Keri a little too quickly. They had swords strapped to their belts and wore heavy, chained garments, while the one in the front seemed a fidgety, nervous wreck with a bow strapped around his back and lighter leathers than he himself wore beneath the cloak.

“I wonder which would offer more coin…” He muttered low to Keri as they stood in wait for them to give the signal to begin. “Siding with dirty guards… or killing them and taking their cuts, and possibly a bonus for saving the noble’s skin.” A tone of amusement filled his lowered voice, as if he was having fun trying to guess what the game was. And that was exactly what it seemed to be to him, a game, something to challenge his strategic mind.

The mage stifled a snicker as he spoke. She shifted a bit to speak to him just as quietly. “I will bet the twitchy ones in on it too, just too new to know how to hide it.” She told him as she looked them over. She could tell they were eyeing Black more closely. He was a whole lot more imposing than she was at first glance, despite her heavy armor. “

Her blue eyes moved to his. “By the way, if I get groped when the nobles settle in for bed, I am setting someone on fire.” She said knowing how these shifty type of guards worked and her face showed obvious distaste for a second before she smiled kindly at the nobles inside the carriage as they were all motioned foreword.

“You two..take up the back.” The man driving the carriage said and she nodded her head slowly.

“You heard the man, we get a clear shot if someone tries something.” She muttered.

Black growled under his breath and grumbled some more to Keri, “Sure… stick us in the back so the ones trying to double cross you can take off with the carriage before we have a chance to stop them…” He sighed heavily and looked to her with a bored look in his eyes. “Can you blow out the wheels to the carriage if they try it?”

Keri began to follow the carriage as they walked. “Their wooden, a well placed shot and it’ll burn right through without catching the carriage.” She told him with a small grin. She was, for some reason, actually looking foreword to the long and what would likely be a horrible trip. Why? If only because she had no idea what was going to happen.

Her hands folded behind her head and she hummed softly as they walked. “Oh right before I forget, the nobles are newlyweds, so they may pay more if we have to get rid of the guards..the man will anyway, I don’t think his wife will even notice we’re here.” She told him as she tapped along.

She pondered a moment before she gave her staff an extra hard tap on the ground as she stepped once, the guard in the front suddenly jumped and she stifled a snicker.

He stifled a chuckle of his own as he watched the guard up front scowl back at them. “Good. Makes things less complicated.” He said as they walked behind the now rolling carriage. The cloaked archer fell silent after the comment as one of the armored guards on the side peered back at them.

Black just glared at him in return, which caused him to start slightly and return his gaze forward rather stiffly. “They underestimate you…” He muttered to her, “That’s probably our biggest advantage.”

She raised a brow but made no comment on him saying it. Instead she simply grinned. “Most men do.” Keri said with a soft sigh. It was a mainly male run world after all. She shrugged it off. “This is the first time so many have done it at once though..its a little shocking. But I have no issue playing off as the weak gal for a while if need be.” She said as she lifted her staff and rested it on her shoulder.

“You know..” Keri added. “You’re a lot more intimidating anyway.” She looked up at him. “I think its the mask, your eyes are too pretty for you to pull off frightening without it.” She then looked forward again, pretending she made absolutely no comment at all as her eyes locked on the guards again.

Her own eyes moving around the area. “ known bandit encampments around here..but if we get attacked..should mark it on the map once we deal with them. “ She was just going through basic things now, she clearly embarrassed herself not watching what she said to him like that.

“If this was planned, they won’t be anywhere near any expected areas…” He said, completely disregarding the comment she had made of his eyes. “...and it will be those three guards… with however many come out of the woodwork… against the two of us.”

An annoyed growl escaped him as they continued waiting for the impending ambush they both knew was coming… but when… that was the question that had yet to be answered. At night? In the morning? Afternoon tomorrow? All he knew for certain was the sun was going down and they would have to stop and camp soon.

She nodded her head. “Yeah, but as far as they are concerned, its them against one guy who can defend himself.” She told him and gave him a reassuring grin. “We got this Black.” The mage told him. “I’m working up a bit of a surprise for a crowd..however I can only do it we have to make it count.” Keri told him as she continued to walk. “It takes a while to work up the strength is all..but its great for crowd control.”

The young woman sighed. “I will just have to judge when a crowd is thickest..if it even comes down to it.” She said with a furrowed brow as she seemed to ponder it. “Once I set it off, I’ll be fairly useless though it should kill anything in the direct don’t stand too close if we get ambushed..”

“Just tell me when to move.” He said with a nod. It was then that the carriage began to slow to a halt and the nervous guard in the front scurried out from in front of the horses as if he were about to get trampled. The carriage driver poked his head out the side and called out to them in the back.
“Go set up camp!” Black just glared at him and growled, his hand twitching as he resisted the urge to kill him right then and just get it over with.

Keri did not take the order to well either. “Do I look like someone’s maid damnit.” She cursed before she sighed and looked at Black. “I’ll start..they’re more intimidated by you best if you linger up here and watch them.” She muttered to him as she walked up and gathered things before heading over to a safe spot one that was open, with plenty of views of the areas around.

She was not going to let them get caught off guard, not if she could help it. However she also knew if she could see them coming they would likely be able to see her as well. She muttered with annoyance as she set up a tent, a very large tent..fucking nobles.

When she was done she looked up to see one of the guards had joined her with firewood, she gave him a small nod as he set it up before she headed back toward the carriage. Her head turning once in a while to watch the man now behind her as well.

Upon her return to the carriage, she would see Black standing now perched atop it with his arms crossed. The nervous guard stared up at him, practically in awe, while the other armored one leaned lazily against one of the wheels with an annoyed expression on his face. Black looked down at her and nodded before he hopped off and landed smoothly, his cloak billowing with the movement.

“Nothing out of the ordinary… yet.” He muttered as she came close, his stark blue gaze set on the lazy guard. “Is the camp ready?”

Keri grinned up at her masked companion on top of the carriage. When he jumped down she eyed him over before she nodded her head. “It’s set up. Could sleep like baby in such a tent if I had one of those myself..its more like a small pavilion..really..” She said with a shake of her head. “But really showy and easy to spot if you're a bandit.” The mage told him as she crossed her arms. “However, with fire going and the fact that its in plain site means if they can see us we can likely see them.” She added before she folded her hands behind her back.

She opened her mouth to make another comment but the carriage opened. A young man and woman in fine silks stepped out. The man gave them a kind smile but the woman simply seemed to stare down her nose at them. They walked over the grass to the expensive looking tent and quickly closed the flap behind them.

Keri raised a brow. “ I said earlier..nobles.” She humphed.

Black shook his head as he watched them. The moment they were inside the tent he looked up to gaze at the sky. “We don’t have much daylight yet… Take the first shift and whistle if something happens.” His gaze settled back onto her as he nodded. “Try not to fall asleep.”

A look of mild offense would have returned his comment as she lofted a brow and narrowed her eyes a bit. “Not a child, I bloody well know how to keep watch.” She said in an irritable tone as she moved away from him and crossed her arms. Her blue eyes began to watch the area around them.

As the day grew into the evening she kept looking at the guards from time to time. They seemed to be keeping to themselves though. Save the lazy one, who came up to talk to her. She kept her eyes around the area though, as the guard attempted to make small talk. Talking about his awards and various achievements. Keri merely gave him half hearted smiles and told him she was sure he was more impressive than the pig farmers she knew back home. Which seemed to be enough to ruffle his feathers. “Maybe when I’m off duty we can have a drink.”

“Oh so sorry you live a weeks walk away from me to bad.” She said in a tone of obvious dislike and not really caring. “Do you not have people to guard..shouldn't you be over by the tent, pretending to work instead of here bothering me.” The guard glared at her at that and stormed off. “Uppity little bitch.” He muttered.

So she may have made an enemy out of that guy, but it was better than listening to his rambling when she was focused on work. She sighed a bit. Now that the night was progressing and it was quiet, she was rather shocked only crickets could be heard, an occasional owl, and complaining from the woman in the tent.

All seemed apparently peaceful…

Black had perched himself up in a tree, sitting with his back to the tree trunk and his bow in his lap. An arrow was set and held in place by his gloved fingers in case there was trouble. There he remained while Keri watched, though, he did not take advantage of his time to sleep, no. He couldn’t. Something was off, he’d felt on edge since he heard about the job… and would just be happy when it was over.

An occasional turn or shift of his hood proved he was not only awake, but keeping watch as well. He glanced down in enough time to watch the guard storm off from Keri and checked the position of the moon. How much time had passed… not enough. He would give her a little longer before he let her rest.

She let out a soft sigh. And then she heard it. A twig snapped and her head shot in the direct. The north. The guards had been talking and had not noticed it. But she’d been sure if it. Keri moved slightly to get a better view in to the portion she could not see. Something moved in the bushes. No way a bandit would let themselves been seen this clearly this easily.

She lifted her staff and slammed it down on the ground a few times, a small squirrel dashed out of the bushes and lofted a brow curiously. Squirrels didn't run around at night…

Up in the tree, his dark hood turned as he saw the movement out of the corner of his eye, stark blue gaze following Keri as she went to check out the noise. He gripped his bow tightly and grasped the arrow in his opposite hand’s fingers, prepared for what they had suspected from the beginning. Now all he could do was watch… and wait.

And then it happened. There was a shot of an arrow and she barely ducked in time for it to fly over her head. She let out a shrill whistle. Which not only would have been audible to Black but would have woken up the annoying guards as well.

She yanked her staff from her back and suddenly called up a rather large lightning bolt, sending it flying in to the bushes, people scattered from it and suddenly the guards drew their weapons, however, unexpectedly, the lazy guard was suddenly cornered by one of his co-workers, the twitchy one with the bow, keeping the man from drawing his blade.

The second guard rushed at Keri, hoping to deal with the mage before her partner came back, from where ever he’d gotten off to.

An arrow whizzed by her and a sickening crack filled the air as it split into the guard’s head that rushed towards her. He fell, sprawled out onto the grass as those that had scattered surrounded the area. Black was nowhere in sight, but another arrow sailed through the air and stuck the nervous guard’s foot to the ground.

Lazy Guard simply fell back on his rear in awe of the situation unfolding before him, useless as always. A moment later, Black landed behind Keri and quickly placed his back against hers as he knocked another arrow. “How long do I need to keep them entertained for?” He asked, a hint of amusement in his tone despite their precarious situation.

She watched the arrow sink into the man's skull and grinned. Happy to have Black at her back, as was becoming habit. Already her eyes seemed to unfocus and he’d be able to feel a slow heat begin to radiate from her. “Three minutes. Been working this up all day.” The battle mage told him. “Try to draw them to us when you can.” She leaned back against him a bit, letting the bandits who came to crash the party assume she was injured in some way.

She heard the nervous guard yell as his foot was shot, thankfully it seemed that the bandits were all more interested in the two defenders then the nobles who were cowering in the opening of their tent, they were useless anyway. A short time passed before Keri spoke in a low tone.

“Get away from me, now.” The battle mage told Black in a firm tone.

He nodded, “Right.” And without a moment’s hesitation he was all but a blur as he sprinted forward a few yards, stopping only to loose a few arrows. Notably, the only ones that he aimed for were the ones also wielding bows. Their shoddy aim sent arrows bouncing all around him as he moved fluidly in a small circle.
This tactic allowed for the ones with blades, axes, and daggers drawn to charge forward and close the distance. Once the arrows had all but halted and he was certain there were no bowmen left standing, he shot swordsman in the heart, but by then they were practically on top of him. The next to fall received an arrow in his throat, forced by his hand as he no longer relied on the bow itself.

Blood splattered forth from the man’s jugular and sprayed all over Black, though that did not stop him for an instant. Immediately he whirled to block another’s blade with his bow and his now free hand grasped the sword from the man who wobbled backwards to plunge it into another’s gullet. Twelve, he estimated, had managed to surround him now, all with blades drawn and approaching more cautiously with what they had just witnessed as they encircled him.

Keri watched with half focused eyes as he pegged off the archers and drew them around in the circle. The heat around her would continue to increase but thankfully none of them were close enough to notice that the grass around her feet was starting to burn.

A leather soled boot connected with the chin of another swordsman and sent him flying back. That was the opening he needed. Swift feet carried Black towards Keri and past her, the bandits followed, though not nearly able to keep up. Some laughed, thinking he was running away from them, others let out battle cries as they charged now for Keri. As he passed her he called out, “I hope you’re ready!”

“You have no idea.” The battle mage told him in a low voice before she took a deep breath and just as he passed her she let the spell loose. Lightning encased her. It began with her eyes giving off a shocking bright glow before the rest of her form took on the sparks. However, while the lightning in question did not harm her, in its sparkling shocking almost beautiful dance, it did travel the ground electrocuting in a very obviously painful, and very deadly manner, all of the bandits who had been dumb enough to chase after the masked archer.

Most simply fell in crispy piles that had once been people, others had time to scream. But in short, there was no escape from the shocking attack, save getting the hell away from her. Which she prayed, to whatever would listen, that Black did in fact manage to do that.

When the burst was done, the damage settled, the sparks slowly flew off of her and harmlessly into the air, she collapsed onto her knees breathing hard, about ten feet all around her burnt to a crisp. Even a few who had tried to run when they first saw it now laid dead a few yards away from their attempt to flee.

“Damnit that hurts..” She muttered as she leaned on her hands trying to catch her breath from what was clearly very painful even for the one conducting the spell.

Black stepped forward to reach for her arm and hoist her to her feet once more. “Come on,” He said, “We’re not done yet.” His gaze settled on the previously nervous guard who was still writhing in pain. Next to him was the corpse of the driver of the carriage… it seemed one of the stray arrows had found a target after all. Though the lazy guard still sat with his back to the lavish tent, staring wide eyed up at the two of them.

Keri let out a pained hiss as Black hoisted her up. She grunted at him as she followed close behind. The mage pushed a hand through her hair and glared down at the two guards, the twitchy one, clearly in agony over his foot. “Oh come on, its one arrow and its just your foot.” She said in mild annoyance having been shot before and knowing the guy would just be on crutches for a while.

Then again he’d never have to worry about walking again because she was pretty sure these nobles would just have him locked up. The nobles in question where rambling there thanks and she simply nodded at them before she looked at the guards again. “So..explanations?” She asked. “Who paid you and how many more can we expect?” Were the questions she asked, as they were the most on her mind.

How many more god damned bandits did they have to worry about?

The lazy guard look his head. His shock made it obvious, or maybe he was just a good actor, that his traveling brethren had left him out of it, likely because he was useless. The nervous guard opened his mouth to speak but only let out gibberish.

“Given that number… they had likely only planned for one fell swoop…” He walked over and kicked the rambling guard and he just cried out louder in pain. Black’s gray-blue gaze locked onto Keri as a brow arched beneath his hood. “Well?” He asked, “He’s yours. Decide his fate.”

At that the guard looked up, wide eyed, and began sputtering something that sounded vaguely like begging, which elicited a growl from Black. He despised it when they begged for their lives. It was their choice to take the path they did, they knew the risks, and yet they always begged…

Keri rolled her eyes. “Quiet.” She told the begging man. Her eyes moved to the nobles. “You may wish to look away for a moment.” She muttered as she suddenly brought her boot to the nervous guards chest and pushed him back. The mage removed a dagger from her boot and with a good swift slice cut the man's throat open and then shoved her blade back in to its place on her boot.

She then grabbed his coin purse and looked inside. “Meh..” The mage muttered before she looked at the nobles and smiled. “Due to obvious complications we will happily take you the rest of the way to your destination. If you double the pay.” The dark haired woman said with a smile that was far to sweet for a woman who had just killed a dozen men.

Black jutted a thumb to the fresh corpse that gurgled for a moment before it fell completely silent and still. “On top of what they were being paid.” He added to the negotiation. “Otherwise, we’ll take our original pay now and leave you to fend for yourselves.” His arms folded across his chest as he regarded the nobles carefully. This entire job disgusted him. Beggars and nobles… it couldn’t get worse. The least he could do was get his moneys worth out of it.

The man moved foreword. “Alright..Alright double plus the failed guards pay..just..just get us home safely..” He said obviously taken aback by the money hungry indifference of the pair in front of him. “Please..” The man said as he handed them his whole coin purse. “I can get the rest when we reach my keep..”

Keri looked in the bag and handed it to Black. It had to be slightly over half of what they were owed now. “I think we can manage that.” She told the noble before looking up at Black for confirmation. “Would you agree?” She questioned, he had to agree as well after all.

He nodded as he looked into the coin purse and tucked it beneath his cloak, “That’ll do.” He agreed. “Pack your things. We leave immediately.” He said to the nobles as a harsh gaze settled on the lazy guard, “You, you’re driving the carriage and we’re riding up top. Go as fast as you can and don’t stop for anything.”

The lazy guard scrambled to his feet and nodded hastily before he rushed off toward the carriage to ready the horses. “You gonna be alright?” Black finally asked as he turned to Keri, his brow arched curiously.

Keri shot the nobles a look. “Pack already!” She told them and the man and woman rushed back into the tent. The mage looked up at Black and nodded her head though she looked exhausted. “Yes, I will be fine once I can sit down..” The young woman muttered as she pulled her helm off and rubbed the back of her neck before stretching out.

She simply gave him a nod before she stepped to the side as the noble woman and man came out dragging their trunks to the carriage themselves. Keribdis let out a chuckle. “Hmm..Magire was right..all women do know how to pack in a hurry.” She made a joke about something the old lady had told her a long time ago. Shrugging her shoulders she headed for the carriage herself.

When she reached it she climbed up on to it and sat down with a loud clang and a sigh of discomfort.

“Good, we can’t afford any more dead weight.” He said as he watched the nobles drag their trunks to the carriage and he couldn’t help but chuckle. “That’s a sight you don’t see every day…” A sigh escaped him as he sat down beside her, the guard was already sitting in front of them, ready to go when the nobles had finished their clambering.

Black pinched the bridge of his nose between thumb and forefinger as he felt he could finally relax a bit. He knew that the worst was over, and once they got moving… there would be no further bandit attacks. They wouldn’t be able to catch up, nor would they be sticking to the original plans for the journey.

Keri chuckled softly. She was exhausted, but watching the noble couple scramble was indeed very amusing to see. Keri turned her gaze on Black. “You alright?” The young woman questioned as she watched him pinch the bridge of his nose. Though she did not expect him to answer.

As they began to move, Keri had held all intention of stay awake. But as the carriage began to move, and the swaying of the movement caught up to her now exhausted form. The poor mage fell to sleep, her head falling forward though her hand remained tightly gripped on her staff even in sleep.

The top of the carriage wasn’t exactly made for riding on, it was rough, and hardly had anything to keep them from falling off if they didn’t hold on tight. He never answered her, he just kept his thoughts to himself for the most part, though he did watch as her head lolled about and she began to lean toward the side of the bouncing transport. A quick hand reached out to tug her back towards him and the center of the carriage so she wouldn’t fall and get run over by the rear wheels.

“We’re not stopping…” He grumbled as he kept himself steady with one hand braced against the edge while the other kept a firm grip on her bicep.

Keribdis slept for a few hours. It was early morning when she finally woke up. The sun was rising and she groaned slightly. Sleeping in chain mail, was not something one wanted to do regularly, more so when you felt like you had been drinking a mammoths worth of mead the day before she lifted a hand up to rub her eyes and realized, Black’s arm was around her.

The battle mage blinked a few times before she realized they were still riding. She must have passed out from exhaustion once she’d sat down. She shifted slightly and moved out of his grip without getting to close to the side. Grasping on to it once she’d processed where she was. Keri cleared her throat. “Thank you.” The young woman told him as her eyes stayed focused on the road ahead of them.

She was embarrassed, but not about to let him see.

He just grunted and kept his gaze forward, though his shoulders relaxed as if he was glad to finally have his arm back. The archer took turns stretching each arm, alternating which one held him to the top of the carriage as he did so before craning his neck to either side and rolling it around. The ride was making him stiff. But they would not stop.

Keri looked out on the road again watching creatures scurry about before she heard the driver. “We should be there soon.” She let out a grunt of confirmation before she let out a small sigh. “We can buy horses and make the trip back shorter..I want to get back to Daggerfall as soon as possible..I never thought I would actually miss that cess pool..” The mage muttered mostly to herself, at least in Daggerfall you knew the nobles were likely up to no good, but that was what Breton did, after all.

“There should be an inn and stable not to far from our destination… we can rest there and purchase the horses in the morning.” He compromised with a nod. The bags under his eyes, barely visible in the shadow of his hood, would indicate his need for rest. The night had been a long one, and the fact that he had kept her stable atop the carriage had only drained him further.

Keri nodded her head, She would be more than happy to rest quietly. She stretched out and when she felt the carriage slow and soon come to a stop she happily jumped off the side, landing with a loud thump. The nobles called for their attendants. And gold was quickly delivered to Black. Which semi annoyed Keri given that she thought she was just as capable of counting coin as him. But she figured the nobles may be afraid of coming in to contact with her after her little light show the night before.

“Where is the closest inn?” She asked and soon was directed to the town center. “Are you sure you two would not like to stay in the keep instead. It is the least we can do for you.” The Breton shook her head. “Oh no. We’ll make do with an inn.” She was not sure about Black, but she wanted as far away from nobles as she could get for a bit.

Black remained silent, since he agreed with her. They had already extorted a small fortune from the nobles and their guards obviously weren’t trustworthy. He had no interest in staying in a place where he might get his throat slit in his sleep. “An inn will do…” He growled, reaffirming her former request for the location so they might actually answer it.

Once she got directions and headed off. Not wanting to be around their people more than she had to. “That was annoying.” Came her mutter as she walked at a comfortable pace toward the inn, her staff tapping on the ground every few feet.

When they reached the inn she was not surprised to see it was a very small inn, either way, she asked the innkeeper for a room with two beds. It was safer in a strange town if they were in the same room, just in case of the worse case scenario.

“You got most of the money give the keep the pay will ya?” She said to Black, trying not to look like she wanted to fall asleep on her feet again.

He grumbled and dug into one of the coin purses before he tossed the innkeeper their pay and wandered off toward the room they had been given. Once he stepped inside, he placed his bow and quiver over the back of a chair in the corner. The quiver only had about five arrows left in it, he noted. They would have to be careful until he could return.

With a sigh, he plopped down on one of the beds and pulled out the coin purses, he began to try and count them, but with how exhausted he was he was seeing double and lost count. “Here,” He grumbled as he looked up to her and tossed her the purses. “You count them.”

The mage caught the coin bag and nodded. She set it down long enough to lock the door and peel off her heavy armor and hang it over a chair before she let out an exhausted sigh as she sat down to count. It was all there and she then split it in half dumping her portion in to her own coin bag before tossing him the bag he’d tossed her before she kicked her feet up on to her bed.

“In the morning..we head home.” Keribdis muttered to him as she yawned a little.

The masked archer just let the purse land in his lap and nodded in response to her. His eyes were already closed and he was already outstretched on the bed, though still fully clothed with the hood and mask, caked blood and all present on him. With his arms resting behind his head he drifted off into a light sleep. Something that was per the norm for him, he couldn’t remember the last time he had slept soundly.

Keri could not help but smile slightly as she watched the blood covered archer fall asleep. Even for a masked killing machine he looked kinda cute. She shook her head. What the fuck woman he was covered in blood. The dark haired woman shook her head and flopped back on to the bed, turning her back on him so she couldn't risk him opening an eye to see her staring like a turkey at rain.