[Glim-Fay] The Hunt

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She slowly submerged her bare scales into the swamp. Her golden eyes like luminous bulbs against the night sky. She was decorated in rags of tribal origin and earthen tones were shaded onto them. Her fingertips traced the edge of the blade, her uncut nails scratching the bone.

Her lips curl into an open-mouthed smile, revealing a sharp and toothy grin. For ahead of her, lay a doe—pure of heart, and kind of soul. It’s mouth gently pressed against the water face as it softly suckled the river’s nectar. The creature was hardly aware of the witch’s presence, and it stayed that way until her knife was driven into the beast. The body hit the ground, ligament by ligament.

The woman then fell to her knees, her blacked hued hands clasped together. The tongue, red like fresh blood spluttered out in a violent hiss. Words of foreign tongues were then mumbled in inaudible slurs as she prayed to her Lord Divine.

Her voice slowly became loud and distinct, she spoke in a hoarse and raspy tone.

“Yes, this one is one that he shall like. He shall be pleased with Glim-Fay, he shall be pleased.”
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Spared a Coin
I'm loving the pattern of short-short stories lately. You and Rozen have really turned me on to the idea. I think I'll cook one up.
Really loved this, though! [: Keep it up!
Posted Jan 31, 14