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This is something I've been thinking about a little and wondering how the majority of people are going to approach it.

As by now we all know, time passes in game much quicker than it does in real life (something I've never been keen on with an MMO). So during one play session you could go through two or three day/night cycles. So my question is, how are most of you going to treat your IC time zone (as in what time of day it will be at a given time for your character)?

Personally being from the UK (living in GMT, though it'll be BST when early access hits) and playing on the EU server I am personally thinking of treating it as if the in game time is around GMT +1 or maybe +2. This way it will give me a much more realistic passage of time, be much easier to keep track of what time of day I should be acting like it is IC and it should be a timezone that most of the other RPers I'm interacting with will be living in, or at least very close to.

So yeah, what are your thoughts on the matter and how do you intend to treat your IC time and why?

P.S. Sorry if this has been asked before, I remember seeing something similar (but not really the same) a little while back and failed to see it while searching.
Posted Mar 12, 14 · OP
I'm going to either leave it unspecified or use real-time. It's a bit hard to follow a daily routine in the day/night cycle in-game (it's like, what, 4=-6 hours or something?), but I actually love the day-night system in TESO. The lighting works so perfectly and you really notice the transitions. When it's dusk/dawn it stands out, and daylight looks very different from night.

For the purpose of most RP, I expect to just follow real time for as long as the session is going. IE, if I have a 6-hour conversation with someone, I'm generally not expecting that we're going to treat it as if we've been talking for 24 hours. However, at the same time, if we started during daylight, but the fact that it was daylight had no real impact on the RP, I'd be fine with a chat ending at 'night', and just handwave the fact that a whole day has passed in game-time.

So I guess what 'time' it is in the Roleplay is whatever time it happens to be when time happens to come up as something worth taking notice of at all anyways.
Laniel Vautrine:
Posted Mar 12, 14