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This thread will contain summaries of the Mumbling about Lore sessions for those of you can't be there.

Saturday the 05/10-13:

Can you make an omelette from Kwama Eggs:
Perhaps, depends on whether they contain a yolk, and insect eggs tend to contain one or several larvae.

Flora and Fauna of High Rock:
Consider the Flora and Fauna of Northern Europe.
Boar, Deer, Fox, possibly Bears in the mountainous regions, and carnivorous fish (such as slaughterfish).
The more Monstrous fauna includes entities such as Goblinoids, Centaurs, and Wereboars.

The Real Barenziah:
She'll likely be born at some point during the timeline of TESO, considering that she was considered a contemporary of Tiber Septim. The primary thing to take away here, is that we won't meet her in TESO.

Argonian births:
Argonians both lay eggs and give birth to live young, depending on climate.
In cold environs they give birth to live young, and in warmer, more humid climes, they lay eggs.

Tuesday the 08/10-13:

Vampires of Summerset:
Possible, but unlikely. There are no lore details to support the existence of an established clan, and Altmer attitudes towards anything related to Daedra would make life harsh for any Vampire.

Dragon bone/scale in TESO:
It will likely not be possible to collect these. Partially due to the fact that almost no one would believe in the existence of Dragons during this period as they've been away for a long time. Also due to how undisturbed most of the Dragon mounds prior to Alduin paying them a visit.

Almalexia in TESO:
The primary figurehead of the Dunmer race.

Breton dislike of other races:
Fully agreeable, just like any other race can harbour dislike of another.. Especially due to the on-going war.

Astral Projection:
For cross-faction RP, mages might be able to claim to /whisper RP via astral projection, considering that the Mages Guild is still young, and is still likely to carry a lot of the Psijic Order's influence.

Psijic Order in Altmer background:
Be very careful, seeing as we know next to nothing about the island of Artaeum, as well as the Psijics themselves. Furthermore they were incredibly few in number.

Dunmer upbringing:
Being brought up in a family with connections to a Great House, you'll be subject to a ruthless meritocracy, and expected to perform and succeed if you want to be a part of your family. Slave exposure early, most likely wide-education, even among commoners.

Daedra summoning:
Falls under Conjuration, and is simply summoning entities from the Planes of Oblivion, some might be less enthusiastic about this practice than other, but it is a part of it.

Dragonborn races:
Canonically, the only two Dragonborn that we know about, the first and the last, were Nords, but beyond that there is no evidence that other races can't be Dragonborn.

Mannimarco was the first person on Tamriel that we know to have achieved lichdom. Due to this, and the possibility of him not even being a Lich at the beginning of TESO's story, we highly recommend not going down this path. And no, the Dragon Priests of Skyrim are not liches.

Saturday the 07/12 - 13:

Argonian Religion:
Sithis is the only figure known to be a part of the Argonian pantheon.
The Hist play a significant role in Argonians' lives, but outright worship of them isn't common. Rituals such as the Hatching Day and the Naming Day are centered around the Hist and their sap, this being harvested by priest-like figures known as Treeminders.

General Bosmeri stuff:
Bosmer keep themselves isolated in Valenwood, they only retaliate against intruders whom they think a threat against the wood itself.

Their cannibalism is primarily ritualistic. They have three days to consume the bodies of their prey, but are free to share this meal with those around them.

Mundus Afterlife:
Dreamsleeves, individual dimensional pockets that pick up the souls of the devout of various deities.
These pockets "recycle" the souls that enter them, cleansing them of their past life, and preparing them for a new life on Nirn.
Argonians and the Hist have a unique dreamsleeve, which allows the souls of Argonians to be reborn with a limited memory of their past lives.

There also exist dreamsleeves in Oblivion, the souls of devotees of the Daedric Princes go into the "personal" pockets of the Prince that they have worshipped. The souls of those sacrificed in the name of a Daedric Prince, or killed by a Daedra, also enter Oblivion.

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I thought Barenziah was born in 2E 893? That would be a few hundred years after these events.
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Spared a coin for the poor
311, I think you'll find. I doubt TESO will be able to stretch out the Interregnum to its conclusion.
iRwn3bo.pngGalien Caristo, old Altmer mage; Chanticleer, big, dumb Argonian brute; Henri Martin, inept Breton joke; D'jeme Shokola, former Redguard knight; Solmund Bruknytta, Nord fisherman-werewolf.
Barra agea ry sou karan
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Seems that there was a problem with the editing function, but I've restored the summary from yesterday now.

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For those who are wondering, I decided not write down a summary of the discussions that took place on the 12th, as we only had a few actual questions, due to only having a few participants, hopefully it won't turn out the same way on the 19th.

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Summary, 1st of February 2014 - Daggerfall Covenant:

Q. The Covenant army, united under a single tabard?
A. No, the Covenant does not have a unified army, like the Imperial Legion. It's a patchwork of knightly orders, some racial units, a few mixed units of common soldiery. There isn't a one-uniformed-army tradition. Think of it like knights and regiments of various territories going off on a crusade.

Q. What spurred on the alliance?
A. The Bretons and Redguards were unified by the marriage between High King Emeric of Wayrest and Princess Maraya of Sentinel. The Orcs of New Orsinium united under King Kurog and joined the Covenant due to the promise of an Imperially recognised Kingdom of Orsinium.

Q. What would one call those who work in the sex trade on the streets of High Rock cities?
A. Whores and Courtesans. Whores would be your standard prostitutes, and Courtesans would be more like what we call escorts these days, they need to be skilled in various forms of entertainment, and likely partake more in conversation with their clients than actual intercourse. Acolytes of Dibella are known to "sell" ecstasy in return for a donation to the Temple of Dibella.

Q. Imperials, Imperials, Imperials?
A. They'd be most likely to join the Covenant, mostly for reasons of race. Although some fleeing to Skyrim would certainly be possible. Possibly due to Breton's often haughty disposition.
A. Yes, they would be welcomed by the Covenant, the Bretons would likely look down on them for being part of a failed empire, the Orcs wouldn't really pay them any special heed, and the Redguard Forebears would be likely to welcome them with open arms, whereas the Crowns would be more reserved.

Q. Emeric is the leader of the Covenant, but what about the leaders of the other races and the rest of High Rock?
A. Emeric is the High King of High Rock, as well as the King of Wayrest and Daggerfall (by extension of his title as High King), King Fahara'Jad of Sentinel is the racial leader of the Redguards, and King Kurog represents the Orcs of New Orsinium. At the time of TESO High Rock consists five kingdoms, Daggerfall, Evermore, Camlorn, Shornhelm, and Emeric's own Wayrest.
Each of these kingdoms have their own kings, who still hold primary dominion over their own lands, this includes armies and production, although Emeric has introduced forced provisioning for the war effort.

Q. How do the Covenant view necromancy?
A. Almost universally shunned, especially by the Redguards due to their skirmishes with the Sload of Thras. Bretons might be more open-minded to this particular avenue of knowledge seeking, but recognise it as an abomination.

Q. Rites of succession in noble families.
A. Traditions for this will vary depending on the family, but culturally both Redguards and Bretons recognise their firstborns as the heirs, without any regard to gender.

Q. How many Orcs are a part of the Covenant?
A. Only the Orcs of New Orsinium in the southern parts of the Wrothgarian mountains have joined with the Covenant. They've done this in exchange for the promise of being recognised a sovereign nation within High Rock. Along with this, the Orcs of New Orsinium also changed their ways, they replaced worship of Malacath with worship of Mauloch, and have taken on a more egalitarian societal structure in comparison to other Orcish strongholds. The strongholds of the northern Wrothgarian mountains, remain independant of the Covenant, and practice their old ways.

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This stuff is great and I am happy to see people who make my own mastery of the lore look second rate. :sick:
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Summary. 15th of February - Ebonheart Pact:

Q. What is the shared goal of the Ebonheart Pact?
A. It began as an impromptu alliance of convenience against the overwhelming forces of the Akaviri invaders. Now, they are allied behind the common purpose of maintaining their independence of any and all budding empires, as well as ending the threat that Molag Bal poses towards Nirn. Unlike the other two alliances, the seizing of the Ruby Throne is not the primary objective of the Ebonheart Pact, but rather, a means to an end.

Q. What are the differences between the Nord religion and the Imperial religion?
A. The Nords worship a mix of the recognised Divines, the Missing Divine Lorkhan/Shor. In addition, they have what they call "The Old Ways", which is the orginal Atmoran religion, in which they worshipped animal totems as well as the All-Maker.

Q. Naval traditions of the Pact, whose fleet would be the strongest?
A. The Nords' have the strongest naval traditions, due to their history of naval travel, previously having been Atmorans and all. That said, the Dunmer do have a fairly impressive fleet. Argonians only use boats for piracy in the southern parts of Argonia, where they can hide among the mangroves.

Q. How can the Argonians and Dunmer coexist peacefully?
A. The Dunmer are fairly obedient when it comes to doing Almalexia's bidding. With this in mind, the Pact has officially ended the enslaving of Argonians in Morrowind; excepting a few slavers, who are hunted and usually killed by vengeful argonians, all is well. Their primary objective is still to maintain their independence and to oust Molag Bal, which is enough for most to set their differences aside.

Q. What role does the Tribunal play in the Ebonheart Pact?
A. Almalexia is the public face of the Tribunal; Vivec is present, but concerned with other affairs. Sotha Sil's whereabouts are unknown. See: AuA Variety Pack 4

Q. Imperials, Imperials, Imperials?
A. Those Imperials who might wish to restore the previous empire would be likely to seek refuge within the Pact. This is because the Pact has no intention of taking over the Ruby Throne permanently, or creating a new empire themselves.

Q. Since Windhelm was destroyed during the Akaviri invasion, will we able to visit it in TESO, now that it is the capitol of the Ebonheart Nords?
A. All things point towards Windhelm having been restored (partially at least), so it should be possible to see it in some of its former glory.

Q. Since Argonians have scales, do they have a sort of natural armour?
A. The Argonians have skin similar to a snake's (but no, they do not shed it.) It might be better at resisting bites and stings from insects native to the Black Marsh, but beyond that, it has the same qualities as human/mer skin. Outside of the humid environs of Argonia, the Argonians' is capable of self-moisturising. Hence why "dry-skin" is an Argonian insult.

Q. Do Argonians have families?
A. In a way, yes. The villages seem to function as extended family units, where a single "nest" is overseen by a "nestkeeper" or "clutchmother", who also takes care of newly hatched argonians. This doesn't mean that the parents don't form intimate bonds, just that for the initial part of their lives, the Argonians of the Black Marsh are cared for in a communal manner. Hatchlings of the same clutch are referred to as "clutch-mates". Parents can have a close relationship to their offspring, but it is more common among those who live outside of Black Marsh.

Q. What makes the Ashlanders and common Dunmer different?
A. The nomadic, tribal Ashlanders represent the remnants of Chimer culture in Morrowind. The primary bone of contention between the Ashlanders and the House Dunmer concerns the events of the Red Mountain, surrounding the defeat of the Dwarves. Ashlanders allege that the Tribunal murdered the wounded Nerevar, great hero and unifier of the Chimer, in order to use the tools left behind by the Dwemer to seize the power of the Heart of Lorkhan and make themselves gods. The official Tribunal version claims that Azura, Nerevar and the three members of the Tribunal worked in concert to defeat the dwarves using the Heart, and that Nerevar had blessed the newly divine Tribunal before he succumbed to his wounds from the battle. This religious schism sets the two segments of Dunmer society apart, though they are not in open conflict.

Q. Are Nords suspicious of magic in the 2nd Era, and what about the Mages College of Winterhold?
A. The College was partially destroyed in an arcane explosion at some point during the Oblivion Crisis. So you might be able to catch a glimpse of the whole structure in its original splendour in TESO. As for the suspicion of magic, Shalidor was one of the first Archmages, and he was a Nord, which makes it safe to say that the Nords are more relaxed around magic in this period.

Q. Will we see the Companions in this time period?
A. The Companions do exist at the time of TESO, maintaining their neutrality from ordinary affairs of the war. Although their Harbingers in the Second Era were of a declining quality, they would continue to uphold their traditional role (going back to the Companions of Ysgramor) as arbiters of important matters of honour among the Nords. See: The Great Harbingers

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This is very impressive! So useful! Thank you for uploading.
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And a bit late with it, but here is the Aldmeri Dominion summary.

Q. Are there any legal consequences in Bosmer society for breaking the Green Pact?
A. Nope, not any legal consequences that we know of. However, spiritually Bosmer believe that they'll be punished Y'ffre, by him taking their physical form from them, and returning them to the primordial Ooze, that they once were.

Q. Artaeum, where it at brah?
A. North-east or South-east of the Summerset Isles, although the Psijics being able to wisp it in and out of this plane, are also able to move it to other locations, as they please.

Q. Astral Projection, and similar Psijic spells, how common are they, and who else can use them?
A. Common enough, if you're a member of the Psijic Order. Some ex-members of the Order might know them, and maybe teach them to their apprentices, but in general they are restricted to the Psijic Order and Mages of the Dominion.

Q. How are the Daedric Princes viewed by the Altmer?
A. Universal resentment, yes this includes the "good" Daedra.

Q. Hircine worship in Valenwood?
A. Might be more common than elsewhere, but the Thalmor and the Dominion are actively working to reduce the amount of Hircine cults in the region.

Q. Have the Altmer ever engaged in slavery?
A. The elven reputation for brutal slave-keeping has more to do with Dunmer and historical memories of Ayleid brutality against early humans on the mainland. There is little evidence for Altmer keeping slaves on Summerset Isles in the Second Era, apart from enslavement of goblins for menial labour which is well established.

Q. What is the relationship between moon sugar and Khajiit religion?
A. The Khajiit believe that by consuming moon sugar, they'll be able to connect with Ja'Kha'Jay and thus commune with the moons, Jone and Jode. So the Khajiit aren't addicted to moon sugar, it is simply a part of their religion.

Q. Do the Khajiit have different grades of intelligence, dependant on their particular breed?
A. Nope, the breed of a Khajiit has no influence on its intellect, although some breeds are limited by the inability to speak, they can easily understand spoken words, they simply cannot speak themselves. All breeds of Khajiit can breed with each other.

Q. Social standings in Bosmer society, do they have anything like the Great Houses of the Dunmer?
A. The Bosmer have the Tree-thanes who function more as regional custodians, than actual nobles, some have even joined the Thalmor.. Likely in a bid for more influence on the state of Valenwood. Families like the Camorans, lead us to believe that there might be other families with some form of greater influence on the Bosmer around them, based on their name.

Q. Will the Mane be present in TESO?
A. Yes, he took part in the formal formation of the Aldmeri Dominion, and a previous AuA has revealed that players can get involved a quest involving the Mane.

Q. Why are the Khajiit a part of the Dominion instead of one of the other Alliances?
A. Queen Ayrenn offered the Khajiit assistance with the Knahaten Flu, both containment and relief. None of the other races offered any assistance, and so the Khajiit owe the Altmer a debt of honour. On top of this the Khajiit have terrible reputation as thieves outside of their homeland Elsweyr, and very few members of the other races look kindly upon them.

Q. Are there any vampires on the Summerset Isles?
A. There are no known Summerset vampire clans, as the Altmer are quick to exterminate the spawn of the Daedric Princes whenever they are found. However, the Altmer do tend to view themselves as being so pure that they can't be corrupted, this leads to quiet complacency, and the occasional oversight.

Q. Which kinds of gifts would each of the Dominion races value the most?
A. For Altmer, anything that would stimulate the mind; A piece of art, a book, an intricately crafted piece of something. For Bosmer, ecclectic items; Pets, headdresses, alcohol, imported wood, jewels. For Khajiit, items that would stimulate their senses; Moon sugar-based foods, comfortable/fancy clothes, and even pieces of art.

Q. Are Altmer pro-Dragons?
A. Yes, when Alduin eats the world, the Altmer will be there so that they can return to their Et'Ada state in Aetherius.

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