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IndustryThirteen (Sriin/Ishkhaara) TESO Art Book | Updated 05.24.2013

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Atreiyu wrote:
Well it was a commission done for me, I think it's perfect. It's not a woman either, so the thicker neck is reasonable. Even then I think it's mostly just shading anyways. Anywhoo I love it!

Bishounen Nord? >.>
Posted Mar 10, 13
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Kyte a
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Great work Sriin, and great commission Trey, I did think this was a female too at first, but I should have known you enjoy your effeminate male Characters. I thought your Belf was female for ages. XD.

The question is, what kind of traits is this Nordy going to have?
Posted Mar 10, 13
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Dang if only I could make art half as good as that!
Posted Mar 20, 13
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Hey Sriin! Art is looking good as usual! Keep up the amazing work. I need to hire you out when I'm not so poor.
Posted Mar 20, 13
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Just finished a TESO commission for Swordsaint!

Amaziah Hadithi: Show
Commissions. I do them.

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Posted May 24, 13 · OP
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