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Imperial City Anniversary Event: It's been almost a year since the release of the Imperial City DLC! In celebration, the folks at ZOS are planning a special event between Monday, August 29th and Tuesday, September 6th! The drop rates on Tel Var stones and certain items will be doubled, and some once-retired Crown Store stock will be returning briefly for the event. Don't forget to join in the festivities!

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Literary Corner

Retired Legionnaire’s Log Sonja

We've been placed back together, finally.. Months have passed and I have failed to update on some of the most important things that have come to pass. Firstly, I am fully recovered from my run in with a psychotic ex-patient of mine from my days in the war. Secondly, I had gotten a letter delivered by Pranak from Serverus in the warzone, he was fine just having troubles getting his friend out there to deliver words.

A Kinlord’s Oghma: Wrothgar Sarin

In a bordering stronghold-turned-embassy known as Foebreak, what I can only assume was the local chieftain’s most inadequate ambassador’s least liked whelp interrupted me as I consulted my compass and waystone. Perhaps it was the lingering effects of the vapours on my system, but at first I was relieved to be finally met with at all -- for the hours that had ticked by since my entourage’s departure had slain any hopes I harboured of a due royal welcome.

The Gold Coast Current Elfbreaker

“Did you hear about the raids in Skyrim? Those Nords are causing trouble for people even as far as Anvil! Here, take this copy of the Gold Coast Current. Free as always!”

Love Is Weakness GreyDragon

“Zsaarrriiiimmm,” Aazla cooed softly as her finger trailed lightly up his chest, brushing over his muzzle and coming to a rest on his nose. She tried not to laugh.
“You know Zsarim is awake already, love,” the Khajiit answered, though his eyes were still closed, a smile coming to his own face.

A Lust for Knowing Theryl

More than anything else, Belmilia de la Roux wanted to cry. “I will not,” she thought, “I will not give them the satisfaction.” She looked out the window at the tall form of her lawyer Monsieur Desaulniers making his way down the darkening street, anxious to be home to his dinner before nightfall. She turned back to the room and the sight of the papers the attorney had left almost produced the threatened tears.

The Alternate Universe of Evil Zsarim Ninja Queen

Zsarim walked down the docks of Vulkhel Guard with a scowl set on his muzzle. He hadn't caught any fish that day and there was little chance of him getting a free meal from the tavern owner now that he'd been caught trying to break in last week. He'd been wondering ever since if it was worth the stew he had managed to gobble down before he was thrown out. It was damn good stew, but now he couldn't even get a loaf of stale bread for lunch. His stomach grumbled, his head ached, his skin itched as the fleas had a time with his blood. He envied them, at least they had something to keep them going.

Multimedia Showcase

‘Hey lady, hand over ... Oh. Crap.’ GrumpyVivec

Ka’thara and Wolf-Ethan GoldParadox

Haltheri Sound