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Hello everyone! If you're reading this, that means we've succeeded in rolling out a brand new news feed for you to enjoy! There are quite a few changes featured here, both visual and functional, and certainly there will be plenty of improvement to be made as well. Be sure to check out the feedback thread if you have any suggestions or comments, and as always, thanks for being an amazing community!

In this section, News & Updates, we'll talk about updates to the site as well as any game-related news that may be of import to the RP community. This week, I'll take some time to give a brief outline on the new format.

First, we have the new and improved Weekly Event Roundup! As the biggest part of the update, this section aims to be shorter and easier to digest than its predecessor, sporting shorter, more concise descriptions, color codes for factions, special labels for new and one-time events, and one single place to find any contact info you might need. This new section organizes events by time rather than by faction, hopefully reducing its overall size in the process, and making the entire thing feel more natural.

Next, we have the Community Projects section! This is where you'll find podcasts, video series, and information on other recent projects made by the community, for the community.

And at last, but not at all least, we have the Literary Corner and Multimedia Showcase! Down there, you'll find writing, visual art, audio work, and other forms of media taken straight from the appropriate forums. These are curated without discrimination; any work posted during the previous week will be featured, unless a user specifically requests otherwise or is already being featured. We won't feature the same user's work twice in the same week, but everyone who posts will have equal visibility.

If, for any reason, you see your art here and you would not like to have it featured on the front page, send me a quick message and I'll have it removed right away! There is a thread set up specifically for that purpose here.

In other news, we have updated our site rules and expectations. Please give them a read!

Weekly Event Roundup 7/24 7/30

Sundas 7/24

NA 8:00 PM EDT

Karthdar Village Community Day The predominant religion throughout the forests of Valenwood is that of Y'ffre. While the Bosmer hold many grand events in her honor, not all of it is so extravagant. Many smaller, lesser-known activities are done in the name of Y'ffre. The Keepers of the Alendil, a Karthdarian Order, wishes to bring people together to indulge in such activities all in honor of the Storyteller! Come with us to celebrate another successful and joyous week in the lives of the Bosmer people!

@SeeLif/@CLliph @nordic-princess

NA 9:00 PM EDT

Telvanni Tea House Join us for a quiet dinner with your loved one, or bring your friends and reminisce about the past weeks events, located in the Basement in Hrogar's Hold.

@GreeenTea @Maki_001

Morndas 7/25

EU 2:30 PM EDT

Tales of Tamriel Tales of Tamriel! A gathering where tales will be told, songs will be sung, poems will be poemed, riddles will be riddled! Are you interested in listening to stories from all over Tamriel then you are welcomed, nay, entreated to come to the Sleepy Sailor Inn in Koeglin Village on Morndas the 25th of Sun's Height starting at seven and a half bells in the evening. If you are interested in sharing something of your own, contact Tazita at the Cloudy Dregs in Wayrest.


NA 9:00 PM EDT

Refuge for Weary Souls Whether you are healer or patient, are of injured body or wounded spirit, all are welcome. We are warded against all Daedric forces and intolerant of harassment, so come to rest your hearts in safety.


Tirdas 7/26

NA 8:00 PM EDT

Unofficial Tavern Night General tavern shenanigans. Location: The Cloudy Dregs in Wayrest, Stormhaven.


NA 9:00 PM EDT

Weekly Kynesgrove Congregational Meeting A meeting between those faithful to the Nordic Pantheon at Kynesgrove in Eastmarch, on the eastern shore of the lake.


NA 10:15 PM EDT

Ivory Dice Club Games & Contests The Ivory Dice Club is a non-guild, IC recreational club. Play dice games (like Liar's Dice & Blackjack) and win prizes! Bring in-game gold to bet, bet ICly, or play for fun. Drinks served after!


Middas 7/27

NA 7:30 PM EDT

Dark Market A gathering for all criminals and those who deal in questionable arts. Whether you want to buy or sell, come to the Market for all things not so legal.


NA 8:00 PM EDT

Withered Tree Tavern Night Head to the Withered Tree and join the Order of the Ravyn for food and drink, sparring, prizes, and more!


NA 8:00 PM EDT

Aldmeri Tavern Night Join the Sugar Claw Clan as they come together for an evening of boisterous festivities full of drinking, games, and storytelling.

@Icisia @Malatorius

Turdas 7/28

EU 3:00 PM EDT

The Kurth Crun The Iron Wolf Clan are proud to announce the Kurth Crun (the Blood Pit in the Orcish tongue) - a contest of strength with a difference. Combatants will face different scenarios aimed at creating a fight that is both challenging and testing for those brave enough to take part. Have you what it takes to be a contestant? Step into the pit and prove it! The event will be just north of Wayrest, in an area that is free of mobs so that anyone can take part..


NA 8:00 PM EDT

Lecture on Sloads The Psijic Initiates are hosting a lecture on the mysterious slug-men of Thras. Join us at the Elden Root Mages Guild.


NA 9:00 PM EDT

Tribunal Temple Sermons Weekly sermons on Dunmer faith revolving around The Three.

@SebayaKeto @Horizon_Seeker @Sinistrae13

NA 9:00 PM EDT

Wayrest Mages Guild Night Any in the city are welcome to the Wayrest Mages Guild for services, magic training, or requesting assistance with magic related affairs.


NA 9:00 PM EDT

Kvatch Market Faire On this day merchants, entertainers and shoppers alike flock to Kvatch from across the Gold Coast for trade and barter. (Open, unstructured community event, bring your merchant characters!)


NA 10:00 PM EDT

The Flaming Nix Cornerclub As a treat for those who attend the sermons, the Flaming Nix has a new owner and will be open for drinks and food after listening to the lovely sermons and prayer.

@theamazeman @Halfeti @Sadistic_Nicci

Fredas 7/29

NA 9:00 PM EDT

Skyrim Underground Hosted by the Jackals and Clan Dukaan! Come on down to the Riften Outlaws Refuge for a night of gambling, fighting, black market deals, auctions and the best part, OPEN BAR!

@viktorkrusnik @autfoxt @Liphoon

NA 9:00 PM EDT

Ebony Flask Tavern Night The Ebony Flask opens its casks to all for Flask Night! Free drinks and food while you watch or join in tests of will, strength and wit in games of chance, pit fights and so much more!


Loredas 7/30

NA 6:00 PM EDT

S'karaja Clanmother Sessions Find Clanmother Jo'ara at her old clan's temple in Reaper's March for discussion, advice, healing, prayers, blessings, and more!


NA 7:00 PM EDT

Order of the Heart Championship in Anvil Arena-style martial championship, with recurring titles and Champion progression. Open to all.


NA 9:00 PM EDT

Skooma Den Nights Partake of illicit substances and hospitality in the lush House Rousseau. All walks of life welcome. Public areas carry only legal drugs, but with password one can slip into the Skooma Den!


Community Projects

Interregnum - Thieves of Blood and Gold Episode 2
Nights Knight
Nights Knight & David R Haley

Lantern Lighters RP Podcast Episode 1

Literary Corner

Echoes of Vaermina's Quagmine Insignis is Birb

The face of a boy. Pale, waxen, even. Sallow-eyed, but tidy-haired. Piercing eyes, the colour of a distant horizon. They looked at him with depth that could not possibly be held in such a youth.

The Only Path Oscare

The atmosphere's intense. Gold's being flinged all over the place as the audience roars and cheers in unison. Many people have gone down today, some even dead. Some of them were honest fighters, scouring for coin to feed a sick child or to afford food for their loved ones, while others only wanted to satiate their bloodlust and make a profit out of it.

Ethical Necromancy @ArchaicDev

The following is a compilation of what I can estimate to be over two decades of research and practice relating to, and concerning the discipline of necromancy. While all that I know will eventually be recorded in the Myrddinian Grimoire, this copy is intended solely for the benefit of the family line descending from Lord Aelwin and Lady Symonne de Proie; should it end up in the possession of anyone else in the years to follow, they should proceed from here with the understanding that necromancers- especially dead ones- are terrible foes. This journal does not belong to you, and if you don’t return it to its proper owner in time, no gods nor spell will save you.

Multimedia Showcase

Call of the Clanfears Ebonwind

Larima Renestia

Cherlyn and Dalimon Shruikan

Who Did That to You Demorta

Kuri-Do Very pleasing on the eyes. The TESO-RP home page has never been so useful!
Nights Knight looks awesome!
Shruikan I like the new format! P.S. I call my picture 'Cherlyn and Dalimon'... boring, I know, but whatever