[SS Contest] Prizes Awarded.

By Kyte - Posted Mar 28, 13

So, thanks to the amazing Evanyell, the winners of our Short Story contest now have their prizes. 
I think they all look amazing, and I'm sure soon Evanyell will be opening up her commissions again, so if you'd like to get work from her, jump in there fast. She's a very popular artist amongst roleplayers, often she does Livestreams of her actually doing your art, which is pretty awesome! I normally haunt them when I can!

So without further adieu,... 

3rd Place Contest Winner: Dyna

2nd Place Winner: Xenologer

First Place Contest Winner: ZeldaTetraSheik

Don't forget to head over to Evanyell's thread or friend her here on Enjinn for updates on her commissions being opened. 

Look out for a new contest coming soon! :] We had a lot of fun with this one, and hopefully we'll find some good prizes to offer for the next competition.

Much Love from all the staff at TESO-RP