Roleplay: Housing?

By Kyte - Posted Apr 4, 13

Hello homeboys and homegirls, that's right, today, I'm obviously down with the word on the streets as you can see!

Todays topic for discussion is what Player Housing means to us as roleplayers. For some it's a game breaker. For others, they feel it can destroy the community. So lets have a few ventures into the world of player housing and see what benefit it is and what it's downfalls are.
Now as we can speculate and from word on the grapevine, there won't be player housing in The Elder Scrolls Online at launch. BUT that's not to say it won't come along like Hearthfire did for Skyrim. (I may be wrong, and be hanging out around the wrong grapevines, feel free to steer me in the direction of fruitier ones!)

So let's start with Player Housing. (not Guild, I'll get onto that in a minute), What in my opinion does Player Housing offer the discerning Roleplayer.
  • A base of operations, a place to call your own, to customize much like your own character. 
  • A private place, a place to RP things with a few people, or between just two. *waggles eyebrows*
  • A place to store that ever growing wardrobe of your favorite RP clothes.
This may sound odd, but,... for me, that's all I can come up with, UNLESS....

Player housing is handled like RIFT's new Dimensions, where it could be anything, a Boat, a Treehouse, anything from a range of different options, even a cave, a hole in the ground. A selection of personal spaces would be amazing. A great way to mix up RP scenarios. 

However in saying that, I personally, don't really mind player housing, I do however LOVE Guild housing.

If your Guild is a noble house of Altmer, how are you going to play a house,... without a house? Of course you could adopt one that's already in game! But imagine having your own house, only the invited may roam it, your guild may decorate it with trophies, furniture and the likes, all plans are made out of prying eyes, much like they would be in real life. (Unless you're allowing some kind of espionage.)

Lets look at another option, a Barracks, a place for soldiers and guards to rest and talk about scheduled patrol routes, criminals that they are currently in pursuit of, a small jail cell where people are being kept and watched over. 

Ok ok,.... How about, a Clan Campsite or Village, a place where members of the Ebonheart Pact can live a harmonious life, swigging mead and being rambunctious.

A Guild owned Tavern (Or Tea Room! *nudges The Serpents Teahouse*) a place where RP'ers from other guilds, or unguilded RP'ers can come and enjoy your finest tipples.

All of this of course, would take a lot of time to develop alongside the mainstays of the MMORPG genre. But if I could see Player & Guild Housing in TESO, I'd love to see the availability for a selection of buildings, even if the area in which they are housed, much like Lord of the Rings Online was instanced, I'd like to see it accessible from Tamriel and an ability to edit the world in which it inhabits freely, As our friends over at Wildstar-RP get to look forward to some amazing player housing options, it would be nice to see The Elder Scrolls get the housing treatment it deserves! 

So my friends, how would you like to see player housing realized in TESO? is there a specific area you think could be used for player & guild housing? Would you like to see real estate for guilds in specific regions of Tamriel? Something to save for? Let us know in the comments below, and as ever have a great week. (Or fortnight, as I seem to be getting less regular on these posts!)