Roleplay: In The City..

By Kyte - Posted Apr 16, 13

Not only is "In the City" one of my favourite songs by The Jam, but it's also a great place to find Roleplay in games. Where a lot of guilds congregate, where merchants roam and thieves seek out unwatched pockets. Today I'm going to talk about what makes a hustling bustling city when it's given life by roleplayers.
So, Roleplay, in cities, although you normally have to mute the General Chat and there is the odd Griefer or general annoyance. The City hubs in games tend to be a great place to find that Roleplay you want when you just want to wind away your evening with friends. Be you heading to the tavern, or meeting with your guild to discuss where your businesses are heading.

So... As an Unguilded roleplayer, what kind of stereotypical things do I personally LIKE to see in the city.

A City Guard Guild, A guild dedicated to keeping the peace of the streets and policing them, even if you see these people as a force for evil, and they see themselves as a force for good. Do you not think that these players create a diverse and enjoyable twist to your storylines. If you're going to start a guild war in the city, don't you think there would be people there to defend the free citizens. If you're going to go ahead and steal from people or fight with people, shouldn't there be a group there to try and diffuse these situations.


Player run Taverns, As we all tend to say, we try to avoid Tavern or Bar roleplay as becoming something you just fall into, but if you're on your own and out of things to do. Why not pop into the bar and scout out interesting people, over hear interesting information, and essentially, you may just find a great story just over the next bridge. You can even roleplay your eaves dropping, so later on, those who are involved know that you know what's going on. Getting caught listening in can cause good roleplay to pan out also!

Royalty or Aristocracy, I mean,... there's no point in causing trouble for people at the bottom rung of society is there? And it's always fun to have all aspects of society represented in a roleplay community, from the beggars and thieves, to the wealthy and well dressed.

Merchants! I think a great way for crafter roleplayers to be able to enjoy their game is to grow their name as a Crafter and a Roleplayer, Roleplaying out their sales, as well as plying their trade to the market or auction house. Seeking out that special crafter or merchant for a certain item, priceless RP opportunity!

Fanatics... be they spouting about conspiracies, making things up, or trying to convert you to their cause. These kinds of Roleplayers really liven up the environment, help cause conflict and normally give me reason to want to take out a hit on a character! These characters are fantastic for knowing the underbelly of a cities community as they often may be spouting the truth, truth that certain guilds or roleplayers, may not want them telling!

Bounties, not the chocolate bar obviously, people seeking out other people for Monetary gain or for Revenge or other personal reasons. Or even people searching for treasures that may be held by another player, again creating a great roleplay setting, AND cause for other players to show interest. "Oh so you want to get to him? But Why? Maybe I want that ornate spoon too!"

These are just a few of the things that I like to see when I enter a city community of Roleplayers. I think I've covered most of the things that I enjoy seeing, but what about you my dear community? And if you  run a guild, and plan to set up shop in a certain populated area, what effect do you hope to have on it's population? What as players do you hope to be able to impact on a cities society personally?

Let us all know in the comments below! As ever it's a pleasure, welcome to all the new folks! :]