Roleplay: Let's ask questions!

By Kyte - Posted Apr 24, 13

So,.. my article this week is a little bit different, instead of discussing a single and certain topic. I'm thinking I'd like to start asking questions, questions with answers that may simply sate a thirst that is becoming all too much to handle. Read on me hearties for the rest of my ingenious plan!
So as we know, the folks over at Zenimax have been answering questions on certain subjects, and I know that Roleplay gets a look in every now and then. But wouldn't you like certain things clearing up? Are there questions you're dying to ask, questions that may or may not break the game for you?

What I propose we do, is below in the comments, I'd like for you to write 1 question you would like to ask the Devs of TESO, Roleplay wise (obviously) and I will compile them all into an E-mail and wing them over to the community team over there. (unless the team are over here looking and find my sneaky plan before I can wing e-mails)

So let me put forward a few that I was thinking of that seem to be a common place amongst Roleplayers.

Gonna Interrogate like Batman yo!

What is the deal with Cross Faction Communication, what's the final say on whether we will be able to communicate together within' Cyrodiil and will there be safe havens where players of all factions can come together and chat / roleplay?

We know that with the MEGASERVER technology, we will be able to tick boxes that allow us to be in instances with other roleplayers, but what precautions are there to stop people from 'griefing' and causing problems for your roleplay community?

Player or/and Guild Housing.... will it be in at launch, or is it planned at all?

Chairs, we know you've said there will be interactive objects much like in the single player TES games, but will we be able to make use of chairs and benches around a hearth? Out in the streets?

Emoticons & Animations, will there be dedicated animations for say, /sleep. /sit, /bow and the likes?

They, so far seem to be the ones eating away at my thoughts, but what about you guys. Hopefully, by next Wednesday we should have a good selection of questions and I shall hawk them over to the friendly community folks and see if they can give us any answers. What do you think? Or do you have answers for any of the above that I may have missed? If so place those in the comments section below.

Let's get on the march my friends and help make TESO a great place for Roleplayers EVERYWHERE! *coughs* Even those not so great with the lore *coughs* :] We've had correspondence with Zenimax before, and they've happily posted our articles on their community round-up. Let's see if we can be cheeky enough to gain some more information. 

Much love my friends and have a good week!