TESO-RP: Goings on.

By Kyte - Posted May 2, 13

Hey guys.

Just thought I'd post a quick update to let you know what the goings on are with TESO-RP, say hello to all the new folks. And ask you all if there's anything more I can do for you.

As you know, in last weeks Roleplay article, I asked you all for questions based around what you wanted to know on the Roleplay front, which I sent across yesterday to the wonderful community manager over at Zenimax. As soon as I get something back. (If I get something back) You guys will be the first to know! As I'll throw it straight up in our news section.

If anyone would like to put aside some time to write articles for the front page, please do let me know, I would really appreciate it, whether it be lore specific, roleplay based articles where you write about stories or goings on. If you have podcasts/vlogs or any other items you think may be good for the community, this is your site too, make it what you want it to be. 

Would you like to see a Wiki? If so would you use it? I'm not sure on Wiki's at all, but I can always look into it! Maybe a guild listing page? Tell me what you all think and I'll try an implement it when I have time. :]

We've been asked if we'll be running another competition, and we do have plans to do so, probably over the Summer months, so please look out for that, we're trying to do something everyone can get involved with again, and we're trying to find prizes to give away, but we are on a tight budget. We were very lucky last time to have Atreiyu provide us with art work for free. If you have any suggestions for what we could offer, please let us know. And closer to the time I will get it all sorted out. 

I'm also thinking about promoting The Ragebear and Mycroft, I may take a vote on this as, letting a Bear and a Lizard moderate the website may cause Rage / Lore related injury to go up by 200% but as you know, both spend a lot of time here, and have been amazing with their help on lore. 

Also thanks to the community for keeping an eye on all those rogue "Kitchen unit" posts, they're an absolute nightmare, but I suppose it comes with the Interwebs. 

A mahoosive Welcome to all the new folks, it's a pleasure to have you with us, and if I can help at all don't hesitate to get in contact! Make the site your home away from home and get involved.

I think, that's about it for now. I will be posting another RP article in the coming week, so look out for that. 

Take care folks.

Much Love