Hey guys, so if you didn't already know, from all my whining and moping in general chat, for the past couple of days, I have been ill. In fact yesterday, I spent all day in bed! There you go, it's out there. Now, For todays Roleplay article I wanted to take a look at something that will undoubtedly change in the weeks to come. I want to talk about TESO being a friend to roleplayers. So,.. on with the show.
So, E3 is almost upon us, which means, MORE JUICY INFO, but from the sounds of things. Paul Sage has said that BETA is only in the early days, so our hope for a late 2013 release date is going to be clung to like no other. That being said, there are 7 months left in this year. But we won't be pleased if we get an unpolished product. So let's hope that the info they give us at E3 really gets us revved up. It'd be great to see what kinds of editions they wish to sell eh?

Ok so, is TESO ours? As roleplayers, can we lay a claim to this game and really make it a great roleplay community. The answer is, no matter what, we already have a great community due to this website! (Thank you guys!). But what will make this game truely stand out for roleplayers, from what we already know?

Ok so, let's start with one of the biggest things TESO has going for it. LORE, have you ever thought a game was lacking in lore? ever wondered where to turn to know about where this creature came from, or why this person is so important to the world. FEAR NOT, in TESO, as we know, the world is rife with lore, there are wiki pages dedicated to the lore of Tamriel. (See UESP for your Elder Scrolls lore hits, and if you ever need to check on something)

ENVIRONMENTS, I hope that you'll agree that the latest video we posted from the ESO press events shows some amazing places for us all to explore and utilize in our Roleplaying endeavours. Some of those water falls, generally, Tamriel is a beautiful place, with plenty of variety. 

CUSTOMISATION, Sage mentions in the above interview that they're really giving the whole "Sliders for everything" a really good shot. Want a bit of a belly? You can do that! Broad shoulders, Rock it, Heowge..... eyes, probably. (Hurr hurr, I know what you thought I was gonna say!)

Diseases, Curses. I know for some roleplayers, these may be the bane of your existence, but Werewolves, Vampires, all these things, and them being a part of gameplay, for guilds or groups who wish to play these types of characters. How many avenues does this open up. Covenants / Hunters / Packs. Sure, they're there in the lore and in the world, being able to utilize this aspect of the lifestyle of Tamriel. Although, I do wonder how many Blade-esque Vampire hunters we'll see.

So before E3 hits and we find out more about The Elder Scrolls Online, what do you think, from the information we have so far are the main things that make ESO for us, as Roleplayers? What have been your favourite features revealed so far that make it the game for you to want to roleplay in? Once we have more information, I plan to make a part two to this post. So here's to me for wishful thinking, that we will get a whole bunch of new information that really makes us need that Tamriel Roleplay experience. Once again, many thanks for reading, your opinions and much love to y'all. Hopefully, Zenimax, if you're reading this. PLEASE, WE NEED MOAR!

PS: A quick edit suggested by Dyna. A link to the forum Thread "What could Zenimax do for Roleplayers?" started by The Human Floyd, get over there and get involved in the conversation.