*Cheers can be heard from the stalls*

Seriously guys, stop it. You're too kind. Ok,.... I'm done cheering for myself! Hello my friends, After a while of heavy workload at work, I am back, and here to discuss what we learnt from E3, and have a quick talk about how the Super Mega Duper Server. (Copyrighted that Zenimax, Sorry bro's, I know, it's way catchy, and I may let you have it for BETA keys!).
So E3 gave us,... news. News that we would unfortunately have to wait for our saving grace, which I know some people have found disappointing. But at the same time, it went down ok with the majority, for me, I was totally fine with it. To be honest I think Zenimax handled it in such a way that, no promises were made, and thus we being mature players, had kind of suspected such a play. So we shall await next year for our fix. 

Also, that TESO would be coming to Next Gen platforms Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Now I know a lot of people are already clear on this, but I thought I'd outline it just for those that don't already know it. 

Xbox One players will have their own Megaserver
Playstation 4 players will have their own Megaserver
PC and Mac players will share a Megaserver

So hopefully that clears that up for people, and helps us to discern that this inclusion should not affect the Roleplayer community at all. Roleplayers are primarily PC gamers, due to the complexity of the controls we require to execute our art. The Keyboard and Mouse is unrivalled. Thus the news coming from E3 was pretty limited for those of us who had already followed ESO as closely as we have over the months the site has been alive. Which was a little bit sad, but we did get some lush new scenery and models in the new videos, which whet our tastebuds nicely.

I find it's always one of those things with E3, when I'm following a game, I start to get a little too much of a taste for blood. I want you TESO, I want you bad!

So getting back to the Server thing? How will the tick box work for us, this is something I've been thinking about recently. I am obviously a big fan of Roleplay. (Durrrr) But I also really enjoy PVP. Probably more so than PVE. But what priority do they give our tick boxes? 

Is there a priority to where we are allocated, and can we have a mix of interests. So if I tick. Roleplay, PVP. Am I going to get a mix of Roleplayers, and a Mix of PVPers. Or will I get only people who have ticked Roleplay and PVP? Will I lose all of my PVE friends who dislike the PVP element to the tick box? Or will I simply have to tick and untick as I see fit? It's a system I hope we hear some more on soon. 

If you have any information you can share on the Megaserver, please feel free to comment! What boxes are you going to tick? Are there bits of reasonable information that you think should have been shared at E3? Are there things you are still hankering to hear more on? Let us know in the comments. We'll keep our eyes out and see what we can find out, keep each other up to speed!

Sorry it's a short one today folks, but rest assured. I am back, around, and close to a long awaited holiday from work! Much Love one and all and keep on enjoying the community.