Hey guys! Hope everyone's having an awesome summer, and has been enjoying the news and segments that Zenimax and Bethesda have been putting out officially! 

Now, I've been planning to do this for a while to support our amazing RP Guilds! So today marks our FIRST EVER..... (wait for it.....) ...... GUILD SPOTLIGHT! *cheers can be heard from everywhere!*

Our Guild Spotlights are going to be a little bit involved. So Before I get onto the Spotlight with the fantastic BLACKLIGHT DRAGOONS, I'll tell you the intention with these Spotlights. 

The Guild featured during the week, will not only be featured here in the news section and on the front page, but will also be putting on an RP event in the In-Character Chatrooms here on TESO-RP.com, mainly to help the community get to know what it is they do. They will set the tone and GM the evenings RP. Times may change, So I will post it on our Calendar! So... without further adieu, let us continue with the Spotlight, Read on for The Blacklight Dragoons

What is the name of your guild, what are you all about? And which faction will you be primarily focussed in, Sum yourselves up in a few lines for us!

We are The Blacklight Dragoons, an elite military corps of the Ebonheart Pact. Rather than your typical grunts, we are a unit of talented specialists who utilise squad tactics to accomplish high risk objectives. Our assignments range from eliminating priority targets and intelligence acquisition, to rescuing hostages and quashing internal insurrection. We are the ones to call when the military needs a job done clean, fast, and without hesitation.

Is there a more detailed backstory behind your guild? If so, go ahead and give us some reading material!

The Dragoons were founded when Dunmer Military officials realised that the Argonians had extremely effective tactics to ward off invaders. The guerilla methods the beastfolk utilised allowed them to slay a great number of enemies with only a handful of defenders. By simply co-ordinating small groups, the Argonians could decimate a much larger Dunmer force.

Wishing to capitalise on this concept, the Dragoons were born. The purpose of the Dragoons would be to utilise highly skilled, co-ordinated squads of soldiers to complete objectives that a larger force would find difficult, such as precision strikes on enemy officers. For this purpose the Dragoons would need to be mobile, so they were supplied with horses for use in getting to and from missions.

The Dragoons were based near the city of Blacklight, where their abilities could be tested in skirmishes against the Nords of Skyrim, who would supposedly be unused to this type of warfare. The Dragoons met great success, stunting Nord forces by exterminating officers and harassing supply caravans. The Dragoons, having been tried and tested, were found to be invaluable in causing disarray among the enemy. No longer treated as an experiment, the Blacklight Dragoons were deployed many more times. including during the Akaviri invasion. Several more units of Dragoons were established to defend Morrowind's borders, but the Blacklight troops remained the first and the best.

Since the Dragoons were initially inspired by Argonian guerilla tactics, the Blacklight Dragoons have been eager to recruit Argonians since the formation of the Pact. As a unit of specialists and professionals, the Dragoons prize the abilities of an individual over racial prejudice.

(We also have a guild timeline that you can find here which describes a few more details of the guild's history, as well as the benefit of knowing when exactly things happened)

What kind of Roleplay are you looking to bring to the table when TESO launches?

It's been my vision from the start to build a military-focused guild that branches out to encompass all kinds of roleplay, rather than let our members feel restricted to either fighting or hanging around a barracks. RP-PVP will be a significant part of our guild's activities, but I would like to stress that we will explore all possible avenues of roleplay within our guild concept. I've already discussed the potential of off-duty RP events and developing RP ties with other, non-military guilds in hopes of creating a wider variety of roleplay for the Dragoons.

What kind of members are you looking for? Should characters that join your guild share a common trait?

Aside from the obvious race/faction requirements, prospective members must be able to ride a horse (or able to learn). They must also have a suitable mindset for one joining a military unit. Suffice to say; a pacifist whose aspiration is to own a herb garden will probably not fit in with us.

Do you have any Allies or Enemies already? What can you tell us about those relationships? Or are there certain types of guilds / roleplayers that would make it onto that list?

As a matter of fact, we do. We've established a bitter rivalry between ourselves and The Paragon Guard, an Aldmeri Dominion military guild. Our future with them will no doubt involve copious amounts of bloodshed (mostly theirs of course!). As for other guilds or people that we're interested in making ties with, I can imagine getting somehow involved with almost any type of guild, be it as antagonists, customers, clients, enforcers... Most of all at the moment, I'm interested in building a relationship with a merchant-type guild, and some kind of informant, be they a guild or just one player.

If your guild had a hideout or base of operations, what kind of place would it be?

The Dragoons do have a headquarters, in fact. You can read details about Dunmeth Fort here.

Is there something recognizable you have planned for your players, such as Armour choice or the likes? (assuming that Zenimax don’t have anything like tabards or guild armour planned)

We have a lot of graphical material for the Dragoons, such as our unique emblem and an established colour scheme of black, red and gold. We've also seen a few designs of medals for a guild award system. Regarding armour/equipment choices though, there have been discussions on our forums about how to approach this, and we've yet to come to a definite decision. Some like the idea of uniform equipment for aesthetic reasons, while others think that the Dragoons should be able to customise their equipment to fit their specialities. Personally, I'm leaning more towards the latter, but I'd like to see our members wearing the same colour scheme at the least. Something a little like this perhaps.

You’re going to be running an RP in the chatrooms on Saturday the 10th of August at 19:00 GMT (14:00 EST / 11:00 PST), Can you tell us what you have planned, what your setting is, and how you intend to run it? Who will be the game master for the event, and can players contact you to discuss storylines that may occur within the event?

We're planning to have a fairly laid-back first event. The story we have planned out is a bootcamp for our Cadet members, based at our guild's IC headquarters. The aim is to familiarise the players with the setting and the style of roleplay they'll be experiencing once ESO is launched. We also wanted to open up the RP to non-guild members as well, giving them a reason to be there in the form of a caravan journeying from Windhelm to Mournhold that stops at our headquarters to drop off some new recruits and rest a while - perhaps even peddle some of their wares. Any non-guild member could find a reason to be on that caravan, and thus present for the event.

I intend to run the event as the Game Master, and throw in one or two cameos of my own character so that players get to meet him. For the most part though my job will be to keep the event running smoothly and progressing at a reasonable pace. Of course, people can contact me to discuss the event at any time. If I'm being swamped with queries during the event, though, I may not have time to reply to everyone promptly.

Thank you Moroseth for that insight into The Blacklight Dragoons! So if you're looking for a Military based guild, or just anything mentioned here in this guild spotlight, contact Moroseth or visit The Blacklight Dragoons Website Here.

If you run a guild, and would like to be featured in our Guild Spotlight, Please contact me and we'll hook you up with questions and try and get you in the mix for when you can host your RP. Much Love and Many thanks for reading folks! 

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