Today's guild spotlight focuses on The Argent Vigilance, Run by Grand Master Jamys.

We're currently getting together the details for the next RP event and I will post the back story in the post below once we have it! I'll also post the date on our calendar. Last weeks was a huge success, so we hope that The Argent Vigilance will continue the trend.

Read on below for the full spotlight!


What is the name of your guild, what are you all about? And which faction will you be primarily focussed in, Sum yourselves up in a few lines for us!

We are the Argent Vigilance, a Holy Order of Knights and Priests dedicated to the Eight divines and more specifically Stendarr. Via crusades and campaigns of faith we hope to bring around the demise of Daedra and the universal worship of the eight, whilst helping our temporary allies, the Daggerfall Covenant in their fight against the Empire. Through blessed steel and holy flame we always get our way.

What kind of Roleplay are you looking to bring to the table when TESO launches?

The total aim of the Argent Vigilance is to provide a deep and interesting roleplay setting for both its members and those who interact with us. With a large amount of history and traditions it means you as a member feel like you are part of something greater than just a guild made a year before the break out of the Alliance war.

Is there a more detailed backstory behind your guild? If so, go ahead and give us some reading material!

For a background into the guild, click the image below to read all about it on "The Tamriel Witness"

What kind of members are you looking for? Should characters that join your guild share a common trait?

We are looking for roleplayers who are both keen and in at least some way experience in zealot roleplay, and while we do accept some races outside the Daggerfall Covenant, such races as Dunmer and Bosmer are forbidden. Our strong ic beliefs mean that someone who sympathises or openly worships Daedra will not last long here. Faith in the eight is required as standard.

Do you have any Allies or Enemies already? What can you tell us about those relationships? Or are there certain types of guilds / roleplayers that would make it onto that list?

We already have organised a deep ic hatred between us and the lovely (if a bit scary) people at the Order of the Black Worm, A Necromancer guild and basically everything the Vigilance despises. As to others we would like to make contact with either other religious guilds, be they wandering monster hunters or devoted healers, and for enemies either Dunmer military guilds or any Daedra worshiping groups.

If your guild had a hideout or base of operations, what kind of place would it be?

The Argent Vigilance has it's holy citadel, the Vigil, of which more information can be found here.

Is there something recognizable you have planned for your players, such as Armour choice or the likes? (assuming that Zenimax don’t have anything like tabards or guild armour planned)

As an Order our primary uniform will be the colours white and silver, both having deep meaning for The Vigilance. The majority of the knights and soldiers sworn beneath us will be clad in simple polished white plate, with a few special features and the priests will be clad in white robes. Icons of the White flame, a holy relics for us, can be found on both and most uniforms are a mix of practicality and aesthetics, while each of the various parts of the guild have their own uniforms suited to their roles.

The Argent Vigilance's Guild RP is set to take place on the 17th August. More information to come on that front. I however will not be here due to being in your mainland Europe! So Mycroft, Srianni, Kaemrys and Essenrik will be here to help out in whatever capacity they can.

Saturday 17th August 7pm BST (Time in the Website Chat Module)

Well, for our turn in the spotlight of rp, we have decided to make an event which will truly test the mettle when it comes to roleplaying. While we accept races outside of the DC to come and join us, the races listed would definitely not find co-operation with the AV at all : Dunmer, Bosmer, Khajit and argonians, and would probably want to stay away. The RP will be set in Shornhelm so a character can easily find a reason to be there.

On the second of Suns Dusk, the Argent Vigilance pull in after a days worth of marching to hear of Strange rumors surrounding the town, murmurings on the wind and a strange shadows in the corners. Will you aid or hinder the Order as it tries to find the source of these mysteries? That is for you to decide!

I will be playing as world, along with maybe another officer if the world gets a bit hectic. Hopefully this will both allow you to see the quality of RP the AV has to offer not to mention let you interact with them! If you have any questions about the Event feel free to PM me and I hope to see you there!