Hey guys! I'm back from my time in Slovenia. It was stunning, I spent a decent amount of time in the mountains and around the lakes, and I think instead of ESO I might just create a giant LARP group and live out there! Haha, but no seriously, I guess it's nice to be back, England's not all that pretty or warm, but it's home. Right, so for today, I have a few things I want to say about the site, but I will post that a little further down once I get onto "What the Subscription means for Roleplayers?"
So let's start with what's been said this week. The Elder Scrolls Online will be a Pay To Play subscription model. Which for me, is a relief. (I'll go into this in a bit more detail soon) but they've also announced that there will be a cash shop for cosmetic items and items that will not affect gameplay. (see information on that here).

Now. The hardest part of this for me was that Zenimax looked to be going the right way in my mind. I adore the subscription model, and I'm still very happy it has gone this way. I just hope the cash shop is like Blizzards and supports only things like Name Changes, Guild Name Changes, maybe Emblems, Dyes and stuff, but nothing too game changing please Mr & Mrs Zenimaxy Peoples.

Now I've seen a few people say negative things about affording this model, and I kind of want to understand it more, because, you're my community, and I have a very distinct line of my own life, I have an expendable income, so to kind of help you guys understand where I'm from on these kinds of things. This is how I used to work on my old sub games. (it's not a sob story I promise!)

When I was a lot younger, I began playing WoW, This was one of my 'things' you know, the kind of thing that I enjoyed doing with my months, when I wasn't at college or socialising with friends. So £9.99 (or whatever it was) wasn't a big deal to me, I worked on the weekends a small part time job that paid me about £4.25 an hour (a lot less than minimum wage, but I took what I could get) this mean't I had to work 2 and a bit hours to afford playing World of Warcraft for a month. I was fine with this. I enjoyed the people I was meeting in the game, and it opened new avenues for me, and is one of the reasons I'm here today. (Although it may also speak for my lack of girlfriend!) Now you see, I don't drink or smoke, or partake in any other recreational drug. I may have gone to the cinema every now and then, and I did run a Motorbike and a Car for a little while whilst also on that wage. BUT I could make sacrifices to afford my month of WoW, it was very much like a Magazine Subscription. I managed to budget it into my monthly outgoings. Now, I'm a little better off, (ok a lot better off than £4.25p/h) and I can afford the £9.99 or more subscription fee on my expendable income, but a lot of my friends and you guys out there, you may have families, you may have a hard time finding work, or being able to work. I can understand that, and I do feel bad for all those awesome people who do find this hard. (I know, I was on the old Rock 'n' Roll* for 6 months over Christmas two years ago, it was horrible, I couldn't afford gifts for anyone, I was losing faith in myself, it can be a hard place to be without your escape from reality costing you, so I do understand.)

But there's a main reason I love the Sub model, and it's going to sound again,... kind of up myself, which is not who I am at all, I hope you guys know that. But every game I've played that has gone free to play after having a subscription. The Roleplay community can become buried, people jump on to any server, they just don't care, as long as they can get onto a populated server, with a good economy and a decent amount of people to play with in the endgame or throughout. A populated RP server that is at the top of the list, it's bound to get bombarded, some for good reasons, but a lot for bad. And for all the good people, the free to play roleplayers, who are again fantastic people, there are a crowd of others who pile on, and make that person hard to find, The PVP'er with no interest in RP, The PVE'er who's only interest is the Raid, and the Trolls, my word, there's no filter when F2P comes in to play, a lot of Trolls will not pay to troll, but if the opportunity is there with no price. Viola! Away we go! To be honest, although I know a lot of you have better reasons for and against the P2P model. But I just can't get past my own bad experiences of good things turned horribly bad. 

So there's my weigh in on the whole debate, I'm happy for the ESO Sub model. And I will probably pay extra for a Collectors Edition because.... well.... I make my money, I'll do what I will with it, people may comment but I will cuddle my CE Statues and stick my tongue out at them! 

*Rock 'n' Roll is Cockney Rhyming Slang for the dole, it's one of our crazy English things. The dole is Jobseekers, a way of earning a small income while you search for employment.

To further discuss the Subscription Model, there's an on-going thread in the forms, feel free to get over there for a chat. Or leave your views in the comments below! 

Site Related Announcements

Right guys, as you know, I've been away for the week. It was wonderful, and I really enjoyed it, but just a few days in myself and the other mods received a few complaints. I addressed these from my iPad, but I wanted to reiterate a few things here, where hopefully people will see them, and if not hopefully they'll get directed here in the future if things start to go awry.

You all know I'm a little bit hippy with this place. But I believe we can be as great and welcoming as roleplay communities have allowed themselves to become in the past. Now I can't do this alone. And I know that out of this message, there may be people that try to spite the message by just being worse. But I promise, if the good people here are feeling upset and not willing to post in the forums. Then I won't hesitate to ban the offending members who make those people feel that way. If however it is just a case of people misunderstanding, or not able to take criticism, I can honestly understand that. We did make it clear a long time ago that if someone wishes to take criticism on a character, they will write that in the description of their Character Profile. If there's nothing there in that thread title and you've got nothing nice to say, PLEASE do not say it. If something in their profile offends you, let me know and I will address it with both yourself and the person in question. I don't want to run a nanny state at all, because I care about you guys and want to believe you're all great people with respect and tact. But as the community grows. (We're over 2000 members now!) so too will the amount of people who have different views, are strongly opinionated and sometimes can be very domineering, now this isn't a bad trait. But understand there are meeker people out there, who enjoy the same things you do and want to participate and enjoy the community as much as you do. 

If you feel that you don't want to post anymore, or are feeling offended or upset, please don't hesitate to talk to me. I promise I will do all I can to help make your experience a much better one, I owe it to you guys, and I owe it to the folks at Zenimax who are creating this game for us. Your opinions are great, no doubt! Just be respectful of everyones, and take time to critically analyse your own opinions, as sometimes they may have holes that others can see, and you may not. This is what discussion is. It should be friendly and educational amongst peers. 

That's all I got. Don't think I'm being a grouchapotomous, I just wanted to put my voice out there for everyone involved here at TESO-RP.

Have a great Bank Holiday Weekend Everyone!

Much Love