Hallo folks!

You probably all know I haven't been the most active Kyte as of late, I have however been haunting! I'm working on something fun for our 1 year anniversary. Another competition maybe, and we'll be working together with some great artists to bring you fun and personalised prizes, much like our last competition where the art work was donated by the wonderful Evanyell who in turn recieved a lot of love from us, you guys and even Zenimax Online. Hopefully this next opportunity will bring about more great things for the ever growing and as always fantastic RP community gathering around this game.

If you think or feel you could offer a prize for the next competition, feel free to get in touch to show us what you can offer. I'll be contacting our friends over in the Zenimax Online Community department to see if they will offer us some support. And we'll see what we can come up with. Our 1st Birthday is in November, so keep your eye out up until then and I will release more information on what my devious plans are!

Next on my list of things to mention is,..... drum roll please! *pats desk out of rhythm* WE HAVE A NEW ADMIN! after she asked and I put it to the other folk here on the admin team, we're massively happy to welcome DYNA to the team! So if you have any troubles or need someone other than me or the other hombres to talk to, you can often find Dyna in chat, or even in the Mumble! Big thanks to her for her commitment to the site, and taking this further forward!

We've also recently at the start of the month passed the 2000 members mark! Well done guys, it's awesome to see so many people invested in the game this early on! We're really stoked to have you with us!

As ever, please use the comments to let me know what you all think, to congratulate Dyna, or to tell us what you think we should offer in the competition or have any guesses to what my dastardly deeds are leading to!

Much Love TESO-RP