Hey guys,

Believe it or not, we have been here close to a year, in celebration of all things Elder Scrolls Online, but of course mainly the Roleplay community gathering for the game. In celebration of our first birthday, we're offering up another competition - and it's a big one! We want you to flood us with your creativity. (Although that’s somewhat a terrifying thought as to the amount we came back to our last competition!) But that competition was so well received and we haven’t had to put our backs out in a while (I've been told by Dyna, a lot of you won't get that, it's a British term for, putting a lot of strain on oneself), So let’s do this thing!

So, what’s the competition?

Being a Roleplay community, we wanted to make this competition accessible to all of our creative friends! With that in mind, we're running three categories, all with the theme of Celebration in Tamriel. This celebration can be lore specific, character specific, or generally celebration of a battle well fought, it can be a celebration of a certain Daedric Prince *coughs*. Or it could be a celebration of what you’ve come across here on TESO-RP, Your guild, friends and comrades! Whatever it is you feel is worth celebrating, we want to see how your character would react in a Celebratory sense and we have multiple ways of doing this.

Category 1 - Comic - Comedy, Drama or Action

Create a 1 page Comic Strip. This can be drawn, photographed, rotoscoped. However you fancy it, it can be drawn and scanned, or done of Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai, or whatever your chosen tool of choice!

Submission: Comic submissions should be in a PDF format and sent as an attachment to tesoroleplayers@gmail.com

Category 2 - Short Story - Comedy, Drama or Action

Probably the most popular option for a community of roleplayers, we're asking for a page-long short story! This story is to be between 450-550; any entries that do not abide this limitation will sadly be disqualified. We know you could go on forever, but this is a challenge of your ability to express a scene succinctly!

Submission: Short Story Submissions should be in either a PDF or Word (.doc) Format and sent as an attachment to tesoroleplayers@gmail.com

Category 3 - Machinima / Video - Comedy, Drama or Action

Using your favorite screen capture and video editing tools, get creative, use Skyrim, or any of your favorite Elder Scrolls games and create a video of your character celebrating the only way they know how! We really love Cosplay / LARP entries as well, because well…. we’re geeky like that! So if you think you can get together a bunch of like minded friends from a LARP group, or Cosplay Group to help you film a skit, that would be amazing! If you are in BETA, DO NOT take footage from the in development client or game. See the rules for more information on this.

Submission: Video submission, if you can save the video to the cloud and send a download link to tesoroleplayers@gmail.com or if the file size is small enough eg. MP4, to send via E-mail attachment please do so this way. Cloud storage services include Google Drive, Dropbox, Hightail.com, or anywhere that we can gain a download from.


Kindly donated by Zenimax Online Studios and of course our brilliant artists. Winners will be contacted by TESO-RP staff for their address and choice of concept art which will then be passed on to Zenimax to send out your Prize bundle.

So that's 3 first place, 3 second place and 3 third place prizes to be won in our competition!

A huge thank you goes out to Zenimax for their donation of prizes! And of course Kilarin, Ciele and Evanyell!

First place prize packages x 3

Examples of Kilarin's Art - Demise , Triumph , Drake & Ether Hunter
Large concept art print on thick stock glossy paper, signed by Artists at Zenimax x 1
ESO poster x 1
ESO ouroboros t-shirt x 1
Nord beard x 1

Second place prize packages x 3


Examples of Evanyell's Busts Meer-Craht, Dyna, Puma, Mage

Medium concept art print on thick stock glossy paper, signed by Artists at Zenimax x 1

ESO poster x 1

ESO ouroboros t-shirt x 1

 Nord beard x 1

Third place prize packages x 3


Examples of Ciele's Chibi's here

ESO poster x 1

 ESO ouroboros t-shirt x 1

 Nord beard x 1

Rules and Regulations

  • Competition Closing Date is November 30th for all submissions. Winners will be announced soon after in accordance with the sites Birthday celebrations!

  • No member of TESO-RP admin may enter the competition. (Guest writers and Community writers may of course still enter!)

  • Unfortunately due to not all of us being Bi-lingual, All submissions must be made in the English Language.

  • Try to keep submissions suitable for all audiences, or at least PG-13, it’s a fun topic!

  • Any breach of the NDA for The Elder Scrolls Online will result in a ban from the competition and will be reported to Zenimax Online studios for their dealing with.

  • All work supplied must be your own, any report of plagiarism will be taken seriously, addressed by staff at TESO-RP and dealt with appropriately, this may be a warning, leading to a ban from the competition.

  • 'You may enter each category once; although you may submit to each category, you will only be eligible to win one prize.'

  • Submissions will, after the judging has been done, be posted on the site and eligible for inclusion in ESO Officials "Tamriel Chronicle” unless stated otherwise in the submission E-mail. (It’s good coverage for you guys!)

    To Discuss and Talk about the Competition join the new forum section found here!