Small Changes

By Dyna - Posted Nov 11, 13

Hey gang!

Just as a heads up, I did some reorganizing as far as the forums go, so don't be alarmed! In addition, I've gone ahead and collapsed the Guild Community sub-forums into one unified 'Guild Community' forum, so to prevent division of traffic - we want your ideas to be seen, and this makes it easier to add to the 'Recent Posts' module.

In addition, I'd like to draw some attention to the newly implemented Guides stickys on the OOC Discussion forum. If you have any other suggestions for threads you believe should be added to the RP Guides, please feel free to post them.

The same goes for Mycroft's pet project, the Lore Discussion stickys - if you find a useful guide thread that isn't included, feel free to let him know. We are very proud of our user contributed guides, both Lore and Roleplay related! These are great resources for newcomers, both to RP and Lore.

That being said, we are always eager to add more guides to our collections, so feel free to contribute what you know. Special thanks to Ervona, for working on the Lore Lexicon project - anyone interested should vote in her thread to decide which race she dissects next!

All the best,