Guild Spotlight: Bloodline

By Kyte - Posted Nov 28, 13

Hey guys! It's been a while since I've had the chance to conduct a Guild Spotlight. So just before the Competition judging rush comes in, here's a spotlight for Bloodline. A military guild based primarily in the Ebonheart Pact!

"Bloodline is a detailed, heavy Role-Play (RP) guild on The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) available for the PC/MAC gaming server. Bloodline is a fellowship made up of beings for the Ebonheart Pact. Our home is a military/family order, (military in our structure and how we work, but family in the degree of our regard towards each other."

If that sounds like your thing check them out and be sure to attend their RP Event in the coming weeks. More details in the article below!

Q. What is the name of your guild, and what are you all about? And which faction will you be primarily focussed in, Sum yourselves up in a few lines for us!

A. Bloodline is a detailed, heavy Role-Play (RP) guild on The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) available for the PC/MAC gaming server. Bloodline is a fellowship made up of beings for the Ebonheart Pact. Our home is a military/family order, (military in our structure and how we work, but family in the degree of our regard towards each other.

This is a mature RP guild, (ages 18+), meaning that 90% of all guild chat is In Character (IC). We are active in RP, PvE, PvP, crafting and all aspects of ESO with raiding available for those that wish to raid (if they have the needed level for that raiding zone). However, it is up to each individual to decide which aspects of the game that they wish to include themselves in, with the exception of RP, of course. (For example, if the player does not want to participate in PvP, then they don't have to.)

Real life Always Comes First: This is a game environment and we hope to strengthen your love for the game itself, but not at the expense of you, your family, and your needs/goals.

Q.What kind of Roleplay are you looking to bring to the table when TESO launches?

A. This is a heavy, role-play guild with designated guild (IC) chat and social (OOC) chat channels. The goal of Bloodline is to provide an immersed environment for your character to develop beyond the construct of the game. Your character's story is not structured by the limited quests presented in-game, but by how you, the player, envision your character. We are structured according to ESO lore and while most people hope to having a dashing, flawless character...all actions have consequences. Retcon is not done without very good reason and agreement between all those involved. Also, while we typically don't use modern day slang in our Roleplay, we also don't speak as if we are in a Victorian age.

Q. Is there a more detailed backstory behind your guild? If so, go ahead and give us some reading material!

A. Further information about our guild's history can be found here:

with an example of a fliers that characters would see posted in-game located here:

Q. What kind of members are you looking for? Should characters that join your guild share a common trait?

A. We are looking for players ages 18 and over with characters that are part of the Ebonheart Pact. Players choose which environment they wish to participate in, such as PvE, PvP, Both, Raiding, Crafting, etc... We are a military themed guild, (this has nothing to do with a PvP setting). However, if a player feels that their character would not be a good investment in a military, they may still be a house member, (which is a non-military member).

Q. Do you have any Allies or Enemies already? What can you tell us about those relationships? Or are there certain types of guilds / roleplayers that would make it onto that list?

A. Alliances are currently being discussed and formed. Enemies guilds may potentially come from those affiliated with the Aldmeri Dominion and the Daggerfall Covenant. We are open to the idea of cross RP with either Allies and/or Enemy faction guilds.

Q. If your guild had a hideout or base of operations, what kind of place would it be?

A. Plans are underway for the rebuilding of a castle in Tel Vas, upon the ruined fragments of a previous structure. We will meet at another location that is to be determined, (once we are in-game), until our guild house is completed.

Q. Is there something recognizable you have planned for your players, such as Armour choice or the likes? (assuming that Zenimax don’t have anything like tabards or guild armour planned).


  • Military members benefit from a guild ranking system. Members may ask for assignments, (roleplay tasks to perform), that lead them to achieving a higher guild rank and responsibilities within the guild. Thus, any member may eventually become an officer of our guild.

  • Assignment of personal badges designating contributions and achievements made by each player.

  • Applications with character story information is kept in order to create personal RP story-lines that involve characters, (as well as learning more about each characters story as it evolves).

  • Guild roleplay is planned that involves characters, squads, or even the entire guild in RP stores/events.

  • Potential for cross guild roleplay with characters outside of our own guild.

  • Roleplay parties and events allowing characters to win money and or guild bank items.

  • Guild Spotlight for those that have contributed to the guild and how they have done so.

  • Guild Spotlight for those guild members that have contributed to the guild and how they have done so.

  • Guild points may be accumulated by each member for purchase of weapons, equipment, housing items, etc...

  • Possibility of a uniformed theme for characters is currently being discussed. (more on this as we learn more from Zenimax).

  • More (To keep our guild unique, there are other rewards not disclosed here.)

Q. You’re going to be running an RP in the chatrooms on 15 December 2013@13:00 CST Can you tell us what you have planned, what your setting is, and how you intend to run it? Who will be the game master for the event, and can players contact you to discuss storylines that may occur within the event?

A. The Live RP event will be on 15 December 2013 @ 13:00 CST. Plans are to allow characters from each of the three alliances for as many members that would like to participate in the role-play. Results of actions are determined by dice roll by the Game Master, (i.e. Game Masters rolls and announces the result of mobs and player's characters). The game master will be Bloodline (enjin name). Players may contact Bloodline, (via Enjin message), to discuss their character's storyline within the event as well as to coordinate any magical items they with to use in-game.

In order to keep a level playing field for all participants, there will not be any plus modifiers for weapons, armor, without the GM's previous consent to an item prior to the game.

Everyone has 300 hit points. Dice rolls determine results of actions and consequences. Armor and special clothing will be considered in the rolls. All characters are able to have 1. normal armor or clothing of their choice 2.) two normal weapons of their choice. 3.) two potions of health and two potions of mana. Players may have two magical items of their choice (such as weapons, armor piece(s), cloak, adornments, (i.e. ring, necklace, etc...)) if previously approved by the game master prior to the game, as mentioned above. Please message Bloodline if you wish to use a special item on your character during the RP event.

Reward: We are currently working on the details for the reward given to those that survive the Live RP event. Bloodline guild members will also receive a special Live RP Event guild tag. More information on this to come.

You can find out more about Bloodline at their Website found here. And please don't hesitate to contact them about the RP event held here at TESO-RP! If you'er interested in having a guild spotlight for your guild, please get in contact and we'll do our best to post one out for you!

Nice one folks! Enjoy and Thank you to Bloodline for this insightful interview!