And the Numbers are in!

Today we get the honor to announce the winners from Teso-RP's one year birthday contest!

First off, for all those who participated, thank you for letting us have the chance to read and view such splendid stories, videos and comics! Another big thank you to Zenimax for sweetening our gift pot along with our wonderful website artists (Evanyell, Ciele and Kilarin) who have offered their services in turn for getting a chance to see what you folks could whip up!

So without further ado, we announce the winners!

For the category: Movies (Those that met the criteria for our celebration request!)

1st place winner: Tazien - With her absolutely fabulous silent film that was a lot of fun to watch and enjoy, "A Toast to Death!"

2nd place winner: HVO - With a rather fun tale of chase and destroy, we have "The Hunt"
(and that voice acting was too fun!)

For the category: Comics

1st place winner: Siluen  - Siluen being absolutely delicate in her own little comic panel (lol): See this comic here

2nd place winner: Zalkar - How easy is it to get lost in Skyrim time? Well, this explains it. Clearly we have priorities!: See this comic here

3rd place winner: Moroseth  - All hail the Daedric prince of rolep- oh dear: See the comic here

For the category: Stories
(We had two 3rd place winners for this one!)

1st place winner: Greybarren a.k.a Joseph Fiedler - A story that takes a unique spin on celebration in a more intimate matter that can make almost anyone smile: Four celebrations

2nd place winner: Galien - A truly gifted writing technique and an all around beautiful read! Final Victory

3rd place: TheHumanFloyd - A Dumner and an Argonian walk into a bar: Bug Guts

Runner Up: Killermongoose - If they really only knew... (everyone get to the choppa!): View this story here

Runner Up: Ferroc - Celebrating the best things in life! Ferroc's Celebration

Thank you for everyone who participated once again and keep an eye out for more fun stuff in the near future!

Keep on creating!