Come one, come all!

On this coming Sunday/Sundas, the 15th of December/Evening Star, just in time for the North Wind's Prayer, one of many celebrations and holidays in Tamriel, we will have our first themed lore session, as well as the last one of these sessions for this year.

The hours will be the same as always, 20.00 CET (7 PM GMT / 2 PM EST), so be there.. We even provide discounted healing services, seeing as it is the day of the North Wind's Prayer, but only to those who show up!

The theme will be Celebrations and Festivities, in lieu of the recent Birthday Contest, as well as the coming Christmas holidays.

So gather up all of your curiosity, and have those questions at the ready! Meanwhile I.. will go and read up on celebrations, because I can't remember anything about it. Anyway,  those who don't know if they can attend, are as always encouraged to leave their questions in the comments section of this news post, and I'll make sure that the question will be discussed and our conclusion added to the summary.