We've rung in the new year, and with it comes a series of themed lore sessions.

For those of you who've recently joined the site, every so often a couple of the lore-geeks of TESO-RP collect into a lore panel, and answers questions about TES lore. These questions can either be written in PMs to the panel members, as comments on this newspost, or you can just join us in Mumble on Saturday the 18th of January.

On said date, at 20.00 CET (7 PM GMT // 2 PM EST) we'll be gathering in the Lore discussion channel, and if you guys don't keep us occupied with questions about the chosen topic, we'll start discussing the intimate anatomy of the Betmeri races (that'd be the Khajiit and the Argonians (as well as the other less known beast races)).

The topic of this session will be the belief systems of Tamriel.
Most of you know of the Eight to Nine Divines, the Daedric Princes, and of course the void itself, Sithis.. But those are only the standard Imperial representations of each.. And what about the Tsaesci and their Snake Wheel? What did the Dwemer believe in, since they didn't believe in magic? I assume that you get where I'm going.

So join Pigeons, The Ragebear, Galien, Neyla, and myself on this Saturday, when we will available to answer these, and similar questions.