The poll is done, the results are in, the Covenant won..

Right, so! Another lore session is closing in fast, this time with an Alliance spotlight!
The Covenant won a quite overwhelming victory, I can't pretend to understand this result, so I won't. One thing is for certain.. You people really want us to work for this.

Already the panel has set about reading up on the lore of the Covenant, and we will be ready for your questions, mark my words.

The session will begin at 20.00 CET (7 PM GMT // 2 PM EST), in the Lore channel.
Like previous sessions, if you have any questions, but are unsure of your ability to be present during the lore session, feel free to leave your questions in the comments, or PM them to one of the panel members (Galien, Neyla, Pigeons, The Ragebear, or myself).

As a new thing, we'd like to invite a guest member to the panel, so if you plan on maining a Covenant character, and consider yourself quite well-versed in the lore, PM me and we'll set things up.

- Mycroft