Here we have a small selection of the questions asked during todays lore panel.

Q. The Covenant army, united under a single tabard?
A. No, the Covenant does not have a unified army, like the Imperial Legion. It's a patchwork of knightly orders, some racial units, a few mixed units of common soldiery. There isn't a one-uniformed-army tradition. Think of it like knights and regiments of various territories going off on a crusade.

Q. What spurred on the alliance?
A. The Bretons and Redguards were unified by the marriage between High King Emeric of Wayrest and Princess Maraya of Sentinel. The Orcs of New Orsinium united under King Kurog and joined the Covenant due to the promise of an Imperially recognised Kingdom of Orsinium.

Q. What would one call those who work in the sex trade on the streets of High Rock cities?
A. Whores and Courtesans. Whores would be your standard prostitutes, and Courtesans would be more like what we call escorts these days, they need to be skilled in various forms of entertainment, and likely partake more in conversation with their clients than actual intercourse. Acolytes of Dibella are known to "sell" ecstasy in return for a donation to the Temple of Dibella.

Q. Imperials, Imperials, Imperials?
A. They'd be most likely to join the Covenant, mostly for reasons of race. Although some fleeing to Skyrim would certainly be possible. Possibly due to Bretons' often haughty disposition.
A. Yes, they would be welcomed by the Covenant, the Bretons would likely look down on them for being part of a failed empire, the Orcs wouldn't really pay them any special heed, and the Redguard Forebears would be likely to welcome them with open arms, whereas the Crowns would be more reserved.

Q. Emeric is the leader of the Covenant, but what about the leaders of the other races and the rest of High Rock?
A. Emeric is the High King of High Rock, as well as the King of Wayrest and Daggerfall (by extension of his title as High King), King Fahara'Jad of Sentinel is the racial leader of the Redguards, and King Kurog represents the Orcs of New Orsinium. At the time of TESO High Rock consists five kingdoms, Daggerfall, Evermore, Camlorn, Shornhelm, and Emeric's own Wayrest.
Each of these kingdoms have their own kings, who still hold primary dominion over their own lands, this includes armies and production, although Emeric has introduced forced provisioning for the war effort.

Q. How do the Covenant view necromancy?
A. Almost universally shunned, especially by the Redguards due to their skirmishes with the Sload of Thras. Bretons might be more open-minded to this particular avenue of knowledge seeking, but recognise it as an abomination.

Q. Rites of succession in noble families.
A. Traditions for this will vary depending on the family, but culturally both Redguards and Bretons recognise their firstborns as the heirs, without any regard to gender.

Q. How many Orcs are a part of the Covenant?
A. Only the Orcs of New Orsinium in the southern parts of the Wrothgarian mountains have joined with the Covenant. They've done this in exchange for the promise of being recognised a sovereign nation within High Rock. Along with this, the Orcs of New Orsinium also changed their ways, they replaced worship of Malacath with worship of Mauloch, and have taken on a more egalitarian societal structure in comparison to other Orcish strongholds. The strongholds of the northern Wrothgarian mountains, remain independant of the Covenant, and practice their old ways.