Site updates: What's Cooking?

By Greybarren - Posted Apr 10, 14

Good evening TESO-RPers!  I'm sure very many of you have been busy with the launch week of the game by killing daedra, gathering supplies, and toppling all the keeps you can.  Just quick news post to go over some site updates and milestones.

First off, I would like to point out we just before Elder Scrolls Online went live we surpassed the 4000 member mark to this site.  We hope all our newcomers are settling in well and finding new friends, while our veteran members have been doing their best to give direction and make them feel welcome.

Admin Essenrik took a little time to make some additions to the "TESO: The Game" forums. He added the new Technical Issues and AddOns stubs.  If anyone finds any magic fixes for some of the common problems we are seeing this first week of launch or found an awesome new addon that made their game experience that much better,  these two new forums are the place to do it.

From our site suggestions section, Admins Srianni, Kaemrys, and Mycroft have added an events page with an open calendar as well as upcoming events box on the forum page.  There are also two special subforums on the special events page for each megaserver to discuss, advertise, and coordinate your events.  Registered users may freely add to this calendar for their public roleplay events.  Please be sure to include a where, when and what server so those interested can participate.  Go check it out!

If any of you have any other suggestions to add feature that would be useful or simply an idea for the site, we welcome you to post them here.

Now with all that, I leave you all to go back to exploring and conquering Tamriel.