RP Event Weekly Roundup

By Srianni - Posted Jun 1, 14

  • Sunday, June 1st Event [EU] - 11:00:00 am (GMT -5)
    • Karthdar Market Day: Treethane Galeth seeks for Karthdar to become a larger trading community throughout the Dominion, hosting a weekly Market Day where all traders from the Dominion are able flog their wares at reasonable prices.
  • Thursday, June 5th [NA] - at 6-11pm (PST)
    • The Green Leaf Tavern in Cormount is most active on Thursday evenings, with traders coming south from eastern Malabal Tor and Reaper's March, as well as many more coming north from Haven and Elden Root. While Cormount isn't known as the friendliest place to outsiders, the Green Leaf does it's best to be a sanctuary to all.
  • Friday, June 6 [EU] - 12:00:00 pm (GMT -5)
    • Festival of Defiance: The honourable Lord Daenar makes his appearance formally on the 6th of Midyear in Skywatch, requesting the attendance of citizens and travellers alike to participate in the celebrations of the Festival of Defiance.

  • Monday, June 2nd Event [EU] - 01:00:00 pm (GMT -5)
    • Morndas moot: The Five Hundred will host a meet for players to interact and RP with one another at a fun gathering so come, 'drink, boast of your glory, and share your tales. But more importantly have a good time, and get to know new and old RPers alike in your community.'
  • Tuesday, June 3rd Event [NA] - 9pm-11pm (EST)
    • The Sermons of Vivec, Part 3: A blessing at the temple in Ebonheart followed by a reading of the sermons of Vivec by members of the Tribunal Temple. Open to all.
  • Friday, June 6th [NA] - 6pm (EST)
    • Monthly Moot RP: A monthly social gathering RP event for Ebonhart Pact RPers to get together and meet each other.

  • Wednesday, June 4th [NA] - at 6:30pm (PST)
    • Herbs & Arts: Come to Alcaire Castle in Stormhaven and visit Étain! Having been a healer and herbalist since she was a child, Étain is quite experienced in the arts of mending injuries, brewing potions, and compounding treatments to heal the sick and injured.
  • Saturday, June 7th [NA] - 8pm (EST)
    • Black Market Bazaar: A gathering of buyers and sellers of illegitimate goods - anything not openly allowed under Covenant law.