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FTU#5 - Finding a balance

denDAY posted Jan 28, 13  -  balancedenDAYFTURoleplayRPTESOWeekly article

It is always important to try maintain a balance when it comes to RP-characters. The most noticeable balance is perhaps the relationship between strengths and weaknesses but that is far from the only one that we would be wise to consider when creating these concepts.

Hit the jump to read this week's FTU about balancing our characters.
TESRPPLS I highly applaud your use of "balance" and "grey". I think what must be necessary fo...
BAMcArt4 Love all these FTUs. I scrolled back every page to read them.
denDAY @Erendis Then I think we might have talked past each other at some point because that is also what I would call a balanc...
Hello all.

I'm feeling very fortunate recently, and it's mainly down to all of you! So thank you for that. It's great knowing how much you all appreciate what this site is meant to be. I have some bits I wanted to share with you, and I wanted some feedback.

I'm going to start running Member & Guild Spotlights. These will be an E-mail interview with one of you folks about your guild, or yourself. I'm currently writing the interview questions. But I will be approaching members who would like to get involved with this. And if you've got a guild you would like to promote, please feel free to get in touch with me for a Guild spotlight, we'll try to use your promotional material like banners or images in the article! TESO Official have even offered to put out some of our articles on their social media pages in part of a larger community round-up! 

Also if you have an idea for an article you would like to write for the site, please don't hesitate to get in touch, denDAY writes FTU on a Monday, but every other day is free, and obviously due to our excitement this week about BETA! We obviously haven't had a 'Facing the Unknown' (FTU) go up, but no doubt he has plans to continue the tradition next week!

Also Atreiyu my wonderful artist friend. (Who did the awesome picture of Surbiene for me) Has been sprucing up the website a bit, a new banner and the background made to look a lot nicer on the edges! She'll hopefully open up commissions for the people of TESO-RP to get some rather snazzy looking character art. If you ask her nicely that is!

So drop us a comment and let us know if you would like to partake in a Member or Guild Spotlight. (nothing character specific yet, as people may feel it's too early on in the day!)

Evanyell イヴ No no, not two drunk badgers. You need giraffes. Much taller, more awkward, and much more interesting.
Space Badger Sounds like a good time! Like when you have two drunk badgers and a gallon of olive oil. *waggles brows*
Kyte a .... *pouts* I'm going to hurt you!...

Some prefer to keep their characters's backstory short and hidden from the public (both IC and OOC) while others like to share their fanfiction and creativity as often as possible (personally I'd fall in the later category).

In this week's FTU I will talk a bit about the advantages and disadvantages of having a simple or complex character ready when entering a game. So hit the jump to read the full article. 
Erendis When I think of "simple" versus "complex" characters, I think purely in terms of the...
denDAY Good.

To many RPers lore can more or less be equal to the law of a setting, while others have less of a problem breaking certain lore elements through their RP. None the less the lore is what sets the foundation of a universe and without it we might as well be RPing on a forum without any "laws."

That is why it is important to have some grasp of the lore when you prepare characters for an unfamiliar setting, and why this weeks FTU will shed light over the importance of lore and to keep it in mind when making character concepts for an unreleased game.

So hit the jump to read the article. 
Space Badger Excellent write up. Lore is awesome =D
denDAY It does, yes.
Mycroft a So.. Lore = Law. In the most basic understanding of the word anyway. An inspiring read.

Creating characters for a game that hasn't come out yet, and maybe not even in open beta for the public, can be hard work because the root of any character is inspiration, and that can be sorely lacking if you haven't even had the chance to have a go with the game yourself. 

In this week's FTU I'm going to touch the subject that always gets me started on my characters and ultimately helps me creating a concept for a person in a game I haven't tried myself yet. 

Hit the jump to read about Finding the Inspiration.
denDAY I agree, Kyte, and I think that question might actually be one most RPers are constantly asking themselves whether they ...
Kyte a Great article dD! Personally I've done the whole playing as myself, playing something completely different, and no...
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